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    June 25th 2013 at SPAC
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    The Spirit of Radio, Entre Nous, The Analog Kid, New World Man, on and on and on...
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    CA Tour front row center at SPAC!! The best experience of my life - other than getting married and having kids of course...
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    Dream Theater, Van Halen, Ozzy, Metallica, DMB
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  1. If anyone has time to kill, I've really enjoyed watching Leonid and Friends cover Chicago on YouTube. They are pretty much an all star Russian band and they have the music down perfectly. There aren't a lot of great Chicago videos out there, so these have been really fun to watch.
  2. I don't post much, but I thought I'd reach out to my rush compadres to see if anyone else likes Chicago? I've had been trying to get into some other music now that there is no Rush to look forward to. I just recently got into them and really enjoy their early stuff - pretty much through when Terry Kath passed. (I will hum along to some of their 80's pop stuff). I think they were incredibly talented musicians and they wrote really good music. It is catchy for sure, but just some amazing playing in there. Interestingly, I got into them more after seeing Leonid and Friends cover a lot of their tunes and realizing how amazing they were. They popped up on YouTube as I was exploring Rush covers. Just curious if there are others out there. Some of my favorites: Old Days Feeling Stronger Every Day What's this World Coming To Hanky Panky/Lifesaver You Are on my Mind Make Me Smile 25 or 6 to 4 (obviously - unreal guitar in there)
  3. I as there for Vapor Trails and R30. I lived south of Indy for a while. Great place.
  4. I was there. I think that was my 5th show that tour. Back before wife and kids that craziness was possible. One of he best nights of my life
  5. I remember getting major chills the first time I heard it. Nice quiet guitar intro then Some singing then BAH BAH BAHM. As someone else mentioned the we're only immortal for a limited time is one of Neil's best lyrics. I love this song and it is a top 10 for sure. Too hard to say where it falls in my top ten, but one of my favorites...
  6. I like TfE, but like several have said, these aren't Neil's best lyrics overall. The music is absolutely awesome, though. Dog Years lyrically is awful, even taking them tongue and cheek. The heavy groove in the song though, is awesome, making me really like the song. I just totally tune out Geddy singing. Virtuality is cheesy, as well, but just awesome music. Driven and Resist are really good lyrically, and great overall songs. I think the Color of Right is clever, mostly because I am a science nerd. Some of the songs are half songs, like Totem - really cool beginning musically and lyrically, and then just gets bogged down in the O,O, OOOO angels and demons, etc. It has a special place for me, because I saw them a million times on that tour and was really the last tour I got to see them on before I grew up, got married and had kids and had to tone down my craziness a little...
  7. I can't believe these words are being typed by me, but I think this is my favorite epic somehow. Mostly because I never figured out what it was about until I was able to read some lyrics once the internet came along. I just think the lyrics are so clever - the multi layers to them, plus just awesome songs. In retrospect, I think Book 2 is still my favorite, but TFoL is just awesome regardless.
  8. I wouldn't go so far as to say it was a turn off for me, but I don't think they were portrayed as favorably as say they were in the doc. I do recall reading somewhere in the article that he was a big fan. I just think he tried to put some shocking stuff in there to create a buzz. Neil's political views and Alex's pot smoking were slightly surprising to me. I am imagine they did a lot of talking and some stuff that they did not intend to say or didn't think would get printed got printed - the Kiss bit about branding or whatever it was and then the whole Joe Perry thing was kind of awkward. I described the article to a friend as full of bombshells.
  9. I just did the instant download last week. I got my tickets for Buffalo at noon the day of the show. I actually was nervous going through the gate, but there were not problems. I just knew that the tickets wouldn't scan and they would come and take me away and I would miss the show...
  10. I think I remember reading somewhere that Neil had a net worth of $22 million and Geddy was somewhere around $30. I don't ever recall anything about Alex.
  11. Based on some of the numbers here, they grossed apps $64,000,000 for the CA tour. If the court documents were correct, they would have brought home roughly $10,000,000 each. This makes more sense to me than netting under a million for a full tour.
  12. I thought he was a little reserved in the first set last night, too. He just looked old to me, with his bowl hair cut, maybe. I thought when he came out with the t shirt and flannel and his hair messed up he looked a lot more youthful and acted that way, too. Regardless, they were amazing. I did notice a lot of playing around, which was nice. Based on some previous reports, it sounded like they were the walking dead up there. I thought they had a lot of energy and played well. Maybe it was energy from the awesome crowd??
  13. I was able to get some floor tickets, so I have two tickets available in section 106, the row is either 20 or 21 (don't have them on me currently). I can meet up with you ahead of time if anyone is interested, They were $130 each, but I would be willing to part with them to loyal fans for less :sundog: :sundog: :sundog: You can private message me if interested. Tony
  14. Do you still have these? I have a friend that might want them. Tony
  15. I have waiting 30 years to see Jacobs Ladder. I will be so bummed if that get swapped out on my night. I love Natural Science, too, but that has gotten a lot of love the last 20, so I am good.
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