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    First time I heard Fly By Night I was 10 years old and my first live concet I was 39 the thrill never dies
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  1. I don't see it that way. I see three guys who claim they weren't metal just maturing, growing up, experimenting. They were never hit makers. This exactly. I always saw Rush as trying new things(even in the 70's), maybe to fit in better maybe to try new technologies, I bet they did gain a lot of new fans in the 80s. I would rather have a band try new things and fail than be stuck in the decade they began.
  2. Ha I posted that before reading Tony R's reply But in all seriousness, I've been a fan since the age of 10, 1975, not the debut year but close, and I love something from every decade, but truly for me the music speaks to me as much today as when I first heard them, I never tire of the variety that they have brought to my musical life, and their songs are the only thing that carry me along some days.
  3. I believe I am a true Rush fan because I'm a woman, and we know that they really are band that women dig, right?
  4. Sounds like Rushbackstage is blocking your IP for some reason, contact windstream and make sure you are not being blacklisted
  5. This song struck a cord in me the first time I heard it. I believe that it speaks to the general feeling of wanting to give up when you feel no hope(suicide being the most extreme measure of this feeling)
  6. Because I don't travel I do like Neil's descriptions in his books as well
  7. Which would be diet no sugar added of course
  8. You must have had better seats or a better camera than I in Buffalo, great pics...I would have liked to have met you.
  9. But, but...how is that not a good thing? I think that Geddy has fantastic style (especially present-day)! Would you be saying that if you weren't a Rush fan and were looking at him for the first time? Geddy Lee looked incredibly good in the 90's and onwards; I think he was hotter in his 40's than his 20's. While I don't think I would've found him stylish in his younger years (because I didn't), I do think that once he let his hair down again, he went from acquired taste to universally pleasant taste. Got better at wearing clothes that fit, too. So if Ged was just some guy I saw out on the street, I still think I'd find him pretty cute. edit: yeah http://i.imgur.com/enX8jTf.jpg I agree I think when he it his 40's he really came into his own, but to be honest, I married a man that looks/looked similar to Geddy(alot less now then 20 years ago), so I guess I've always thought he was good looking.
  10. It's funny you say that. They've always struck me as a band that doesn't really have any kind of persona. Geddy was never good at "stage rapping" and connecting with the audience between songs. I kind of agree they do not connect with the audience between songs, but I think they do their connecting during the songs
  11. hcm

    New Neil update

    I think it is kind of naive to think the insurance didn't know he rode from show to show..... I used to live around where he crashed, those roads can be treacherous in a car let alone a motorcycle, and it isn't because of gravel in the road...
  12. 1. My friend played Fly By Night for me when I was 10(it was their newest album), something about how different the music and Geddy's voice, yes Geddy's voice pulled me in 2. 2112 came out and the same friend invited me over to listen to it, it cemented me as a fan, loved the story line(I didn't read Ayn Rand till after I was a Rush fan, see rock can expand your horizons) 3. the lyrics and music and even the guys are all irreplaceable, there is a kind of magic the way it all works in my ears, mind and eyes, are the lyrics sometimes lacking, maybe, but the music fills in the gaps and carries me along. To just read the lyrics isn't enough, even now when I read them I hear the music in my head. The music is great but the lyrics crystallizes the thoughts.
  13. Totally agree that they are not for everyone, but for me, they seem to resonate consistently with my mood.
  14. Yes there is. Not only do they have a song for any mood I'm in but over the last 40 years I can honestly say they have a song for any age I was in as well...God I love this band!
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