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    impossible choice
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    Going to see Rush with my wife Janet.
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    Genesis, Yes, Queen, Beatles, Jeff Beck, Mastodon, Alice Cooper, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Gov't Mule, Heart, Max Webster, Tull, Who, Frost, Stones, I'm sure there are others . . . currently digging Sound of Contact and the last Bowie.
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  1. I've read three pages and laughed out loud three times. Great stuff.
  2. This is over a year late in coming, but thanks everyone for last year's birthday wishes! I guess I was away for a while . . . it's been a bit of a hell of a year. All the best to everyone - this is still the best community online!
  3. Pratchett - Tiffany Aching series (starts with Wee Free Men)
  4. How do you make a Kleenex dance? Put a little boogie into it.
  5. Hope your birthday has been amazing!
  6. I hope you have a good one and many more in the future!
  7. Just shootin' them off with no second-guessing . . . The Prophet's Song Supper's Ready La Villa Strangiato Freewill Red Barchetta Dogs Nobody's Fault (Aerosmith) Fool's Overture Wiseblood (CoC) Evil (Cactus) Lenny (SRV) On my journeys back and forth to work, I will think of about 1,000 or more possible replacements, probably. It's difficult not to let Rush take over the list. Not to mention Genesis. And I've just noticed I have no Yes. That's f***ed up.
  8. Happy birthday, and many happy more!
  9. Ultravox . . . could we just maybe give it isolated guitar parts from those other songs, though?
  10. The stand-up comedian. If you like his stuff, you'll probably dig this. It has some pretty cool insights.
  11. Unbelievable. Three years before I moved to Kitchener. Damn. Wild seeing Lifeson going nuts at 5:11!
  12. Fingers or pick? Sounds like a pick to me. Whoops - guess I'm wrong.
  13. I agree about the lack of heart (which I am grabbing between the lines of I.J.'s post). It's good to know that fans understand that there is actually a lot of heart in Rush's music. (Insert puns now).
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