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  1. I tried a little experiment with ChatGPT: Me: Can you write song lyrics? ChatGPT: Sure, I can help with that! What kind of song lyrics are you looking for? Me: Song lyrics on the subject of "being misunderstood" in the style of Neil Peart. Three four-line verses with 4 iambs per line and one four-line chorus with 4 iambs per line. ChatGPT: Certainly! Here are some song lyrics in the style you requested, inspired by the theme of "being misunderstood" and the poetic style reminiscent of Neil Peart: Verse 1: In shadows cast, I walk alone, The whispers fade, my thoughts unknown. A soul adrift, in silent night, Misunderstood, in fleeting light. Verse 2: Beneath the surface, words unsaid, A tangled web, in heart and head. Seeking solace, in quiet tears, Lost in echoes, of endless fears. Verse 3: A restless mind, a quiet storm, Unseen truths, in silence born. Yearning for the dawn's embrace, To find a place, where words find grace. Chorus: Misunderstood, in shadows deep, Lost within, the secrets keep. In the quiet, of the night's refrain, Seeking solace, in the echo's pain. I hope these lyrics capture the essence of being misunderstood, echoing the introspective and poetic style often associated with Neil Peart's songwriting. Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to explore or if you have further requests! Eesh.
  2. There seems to be a dead dude (?) with no pants in the foreground, too. He's dead - get his pants!
  3. Page stole from the great blues musicians. Lifeson ripped off the Looney Tunes.
  4. Welcome to the forum! For me, it's got to be the run from A Farewell to Kings to Signals. I guess that's six albums . . . but then, numbers (and sometimes dates) don't really count when dealing with Rush.
  5. I've just recently put this Geddy Lee tank top on a buy-and-sell website - check the link below. If anyone here would like it, please message me and I'll give it away to the first person. You can help cover cost of shipping. It's never been worn. Size L https://www.kijiji.ca/v-women-tops-outerwear/kitchener-waterloo/geddy-lee-tank-top/1682025464
  6. Did some Artificial Intelligence program make the second video?
  7. I hope everyone is having a good day! Did I have a dream? Crimson misty memory At the fireside Through the endless winter storm Endless rooftops from my window Silver, blue and frozen silence A deep Sahara of snow Frozen in an everlasting view I see red A pleasant-faced man His beard is white, his face is lined Bearing a gift beyond price The things I’ve always been denied, Precious gifts beyond compare Time stands still Feelings run high As excitement shivers up and down my spine This feeling I can’t rise above Then all at once Fly by night away from here To blaze across the heavens like a brilliant shooting star I think a couple of albums still aren't represented . . .
  8. Listening to it now. Great stuff.
  9. I'm sure we're all buying the book. Everyone deserves to hear these! Edit: I see these have been posted elsewhere.
  10. I've read three pages and laughed out loud three times. Great stuff.
  11. This is over a year late in coming, but thanks everyone for last year's birthday wishes! I guess I was away for a while . . . it's been a bit of a hell of a year. All the best to everyone - this is still the best community online!
  12. Pratchett - Tiffany Aching series (starts with Wee Free Men)
  13. How do you make a Kleenex dance? Put a little boogie into it.
  14. Hope your birthday has been amazing!
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