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    impossible choice
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    Going to see Rush with my wife Janet.
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    Genesis, Yes, Queen, Beatles, Jeff Beck, Mastodon, Alice Cooper, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Gov't Mule, Heart, Max Webster, Tull, Who, Frost, Stones, I'm sure there are others . . . currently digging Sound of Contact and the last Bowie.
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  1. I think of him more as a favorite musician than favorite guitarist. I have no idea if that makes sense.
  2. I think some people call it "grammar shaming." I think you're better off critiquing the content. At some point over the last several years, proper grammar has become an ideological issue - something about how our so-called "formal English" derives from the rich merchant class of long-ago England, and so forcing it on people is discriminatory. Where I teach, some of my colleagues think you should no longer use the term "error, " but refer to grammatical "differences." Who needs clarity? Ambiguity makes communication more like an adventure!
  3. A youtube video called Buckethead Megaliths - so many great grooves!
  4. What was the name of that technology that a lot of us accessed for the final Rush tour - where people would hold their cellphones up and we could watch in real time?
  5. I hope you have had a great birthday! Don't go changin'!
  6. I just got a copy of the reissued vinyl. It sounds absolutely great - way better than the CD. Enjoying a great album even more!
  7. Hope it was a good one! Many happy more!
  8. I like it a lot. I also wish it was just a bit brighter sounding, but I think there are some damn fine songs on this record.
  9. Maybe not what you are looking for, but I would totally listen to an album full of this kind of interpretation:
  10. Fantastic. I picked up the record yesterday. Blown away with the first listen, and liking it more and more. I wish more of these albums came with a download so I could listen in the car.
  11. If there are any hints of bitchin' Lifeson guitar anywhere in there, I probably will pick it up. I'll prefer it more if the songs are decently strong.
  12. Happy birthday! Many happy more! I hope it was a good one...
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