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    Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres
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    I can't decide, there's been too many!
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    anything prog pretty much
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  1. Well, my initial reactions are the same as my reaction now. It's amazing, and my favorite Rush album
  2. Permanent Waves utterly destroys Signals for me. Signals is an eh record to me.
  3. The only time I could see mosh pits at Rush concerts is in the early 70's when they were basically Canadian Zepplin, but I just can't picture such a thing in more recent years.
  4. I've been to 3 (Time Machine, Clockwork Angels, R40). I have never seen anything close to moshing. Frankly I don't think Rush is the kind of band you really mosh to.
  5. The first line of Bastille Day: OOH THARS NO BLAGH, ENEMY GAAATE!!!
  6. Gary Lee Weinrib, Ph.D in Slappin' da Bass, hats off to you sir. Happy birthday.
  7. Yeah he's great. I'm subscribed to him. I really love his cover of Dream Theater's Panic Attack.
  8. AnEggplant

    New rumor

    I'm with you there. A new studio album would be amazing, even without a tour.
  9. AnEggplant

    New rumor

    People think Neil owes them something, and when he doesn't do what they want they get mad. That's exactly the feeling I get. Come on guys, who's the one being selfish here?
  10. AnEggplant

    New rumor

    I guess I don't understand why there's so much Neil hate? Has the guy not worked hard enough? Is it selfish for him to want to retire in his old age? Maybe I'm missing something he said?
  11. Hm, I suppose Ann Wilson could sing, Alex could do rythem, Petrucci could take leads, and Mike Portnoy could do drums since he's kind of musically available now anyways.
  12. Why do you keep buying bootlegs?
  13. How is Hemispheres a guilty pleasure?
  14. Natural Science Freewill Spirit of Radio Jacob's Ladder Entre Nous Different Strings I love 'em all to death though!
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