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  1. Nah, just really happy to finally have a version that I can enjoy listening to. (I hadn't bothered with it until after I'd been disappointed by the remix, so it's still pretty fresh for me.) Sorry for shooting my mouth off like that.
  2. HD Tracks version, hands-down. I already posted about this in another thread, so I won't say much more here, but there's so much more bite and force to the old mix; there's no comparison. Anyone with even a slight appreciation of the album owes it to themselves to download it - it's really the only version worth hearing.
  3. As pained as I am to say it, I actually hate the remix. I loved the download-only "remaster" of the original mix (I could actually hear the different instruments! I didn't get a headache twenty minutes in!) and expected the remix to get even better, but there's no edge or energy to this version at all - it sounds like frickin' Test for Echo or something! Buried under all that clipping in the original was the most aggressive, pissed-off sound that Rush ever recorded, and that emotional atmosphere charged the whole album, even with the terrible mastering. But the remix is too slickly equalized, has too much space between the instruments, and often has Geddy's voice mixed too loud like a pop album; it's subdued and sterile in a way that doesn't suit the songs at all. I don't mind slickness if it's appropriate - I love Power Windows, for example - but here it just cancels out the album's mood and leaves the whole thing sounding weak and unsure of itself. I wish that they'd give the remaster an actual CD release like the remix, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. :(
  4. I actually just found out and came here to post about it. I didn't see a thread on the first page, and it didn't even occur to me that it would be way back on the second. The "absence" did surprise me, but instead of looking further, I just went ahead and started a thread. Serves me right to have egg on my face like this for jumping the gun! I'd love it if a moderator could close this thread.
  5. It's like Christmas on my birthday. Maybe even Goober will end up liking it this time around! :P
  6. Like wanting to live and die at the same time? Not only is that completely meaningless, it misses my point entirely. The effect is purely physical and undermines the album's ability to evoke emotion. It's like trying to read magenta text in Times New Roman on an orange background from three inches away with your screen's brightness turned all the way up. Your eyes hurt and it's impossible to focus on what you're actually reading. Tell that to the band. They've brought it up in multiple interviews. This quote from last September gives me a bit of hope, but I'm still not too optimistic:
  7. QUOTE (NYM86 @ Sep 26 2012, 04:25 PM) I love the way it sounds as is. Gritty and rough side to Rush, hell ya. It's the exact worst kind of "gritty and rough" possible. It's like the Platonic ideal of terrible production. Every time I put on Vapor Trails, it makes me wish that I could somehow listen to the music and wear earplugs at the same time.
  8. Can't believe that A Farewell to Kings is doing so well; it's one of the most cheesily pretentious titles ever. I voted for Caress of Steel. Shame that the album itself doesn't remotely reflect the title, though.
  9. Can somebody do this with Vapor Trails?
  10. QUOTE (Tick @ Sep 10 2012, 05:32 AM) QUOTE (GeminiRising79 @ Sep 9 2012, 12:06 AM)Interesting. Seems there are a few people in the Rush camp who are the wrong guys for the job. What does this even mean? Probably talking about Raskulinecz.
  11. QUOTE (HalfwayToGone @ Sep 8 2012, 05:36 PM) @Stellar Jetman Sorry if I came off a bit hot there, but you seem to think I'm pompous and self-aggrandizing with my post, and your response was dismissive if not frankly insulting, when really I was referring to fans exactly like you (surely not myself), and trying to be complimentary rather than calling you a bunch of snobs or jerks or anything else insulting to your intelligence. Really, your entire diatribe essentially proves my point about Rush fans being highly discriminating. You're the perfect example, in fact. Perhaps I was being a bit too absolute about it, but you're possibly taking my original post a bit way too seriously and thinking I'm self-congratulatory, which I'm absolutely not (I rarely read anything aside from the interweb these days). And maybe I took your response too personally also. And yeah, I know kids read a Wrinkle In Time--it was the first summer homework I ever had as a kid, and I resented having to do homework during vacation. Tremendously. I got through it only because it was a very good book. But my point wasn't that kids don't ever read good books, it's that the basic lesson behind CA is absolutely worth telling to kids. Especially when the country is so divided with each half telling the other how they should act, think and feel about just about everything. OK, off my soapbox now. And again, sorry if I reacted too harshly last post, but hey, I didn't start out trying to insult anyone. All right. It's all good.
  12. Guys, guys, you're being way too hard on "Roll the Bones". Stop hatin' and just give it a chance! QUOTE (That lovely skeleton puppet @ some time or other back in 1991)Jack, relax. Get busy with the facts. No zodiacs or almanacs, No maniacs in polyester slacks, Just the facts. Gonna kick some gluteus max. It's a parallax, you dig? You move around; the small gets big; it's a rig. It's action, Reaction, Random interaction. So who's afraid of a little abstraction? Can't get no satisfaction from the facts. You better run, homeboy. A fact's a fact from Nome to Rome, boy. What's real? Spin the wheel? If the dice are hot... take a shot. Play your cards, show us what you got, What you're holdin', If the cards are cold, don't go foldin'. Lady Luck is golden. She favors the bold - that's cold. Stop throwin' stones; The night has a thousand saxophones, So get out there and rock and roll the bones! Get busy! You see? Now you tell me just what you think is so bad about this wonderfughualghblughhhh http://i.somethingawful.com/forumsystem/emoticons/emot-barf.gif (God help me; I quoted those lyrics entirely from memory.)
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