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  1. Lots of great seats on TM. Sec 104, 1st 2 rows are almost entirely open. Looks like the 1st 5 rows of that section were blocked off, many now available.
  2. I had heard that carcillo brought several hawks players to the UC show in 2013...think it was toews, Seabrook and a few others. I believe only carcillo liked the show. You'd think those canadians would be into rush,eh?
  3. Ask Alex for directions to the dressing room for the post-concert buffet?
  4. Boy, wouldn't it be amazing if the Stanley Cup were to make an appearance at its second Rush show? The Blackhawks won the Cup in 2013, the big Grant Park celebration with 2 million Hawks fans was on a Friday, and Daniel Carcillo brings the Cup to the Rush show at Tinley Park that night. In order for the Cup to make the June 12 show, the Blackhawks would have to play some REALLY impressive hockey. A guy can dream. Go Hawks! Bring the Cup to the UC on June 12!!!
  5. What kind of seats popped up? I'm trying to upgrade my 100 section pair and will sell mine at face to a fan if I can do so
  6. Hello. I am looking to upgrade to good floor seats for the Chicago show. I have a pair of section 108 seats in the first row, as well as great 7th row field seats for AC/DC at Wrigley, that I can barter with. Cash can also enter the equation. Shoot me a PM to discuss. Thanks!! Bill
  7. R40 + 5 means they are coming back around to tour in a few more years.
  8. Nice floor seats for St Paul opening up. I test-pulled 6 in a row, 12th floor center.
  9. Request for someone to YELL if great seats open for Chicago....I'll be selling my good Tier2 seats for that show if I can upgrade.
  10. Dang, just pulled a pair in sec 102 row 1 (Geddys side).
  11. I vote for Lorraine....she's got almost 15K posts on a Rush board and has never seen Rush live??
  12. NS: How are you going to get tickets for someone if the show is already sold out?
  13. Finding my way BY TOR! Lakeside Park I hate Ticketmaster...I've been "spinning" for 2 hours hoping I might get Grateful Dead tickets
  14. I will second the Etymotic plugs. They get rid of the decibels but don't distort like foam ones do. Both my daughter and I are using them for the shows.
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