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    Snakes and Arrows, leg 2, 2008
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    Subdivisions, Xanadu, 100 more
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    Kings, Counterparts, Signals, GUP, ahhhh!!
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    Seeing 2112 in its entirety- AND having that same show I was at make it onto Different Stages! Plus genie Alex and Neil's head in the box was funny as hell.
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    Midnight Oil, Primus, The Fixx, DEVO, SCOTS, The Police, The Zippers, Dream Theater
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    Bass, Guitar, & Drums, but mostly bass. And piano is hard don't let anybody tell you differently because IT IS!

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  1. I never liked Limbo very much, they have much much better instrumentals (of course)
  2. Hi guys, like many of you I haven't been on here in a long time but of course felt the need to return after hearing this terrible news. I had 3 people text / call me and that's actually how I found out- Somehow I completely missed how it was spread all over the news. I mostly feel bad for Carrie and especially Olivia, who now won't have her dad just as he left the limelight so he could spend more time with her. I said this before on some youtube comment but it's true: Neil and RUSH are truly immortal through their timeless music, and rest assured that New Years Eve 2111 somebody's going to be blasting 2112 from a rooftop somewhere long after we're all gone. Try to take that into consideration and it may make you feel better (it does for me).
  3. Did you mean one of these or why did you capitalize "drumstick"? He probably meant hit the assholes with the biggest drumstick they make (2B?)
  4. Crunchy guitar be damned, this is his most metal:
  5. yes as opposed to Nemesis. I fell asleep for about 15-20 minutes in the cinema watching Nemesis. Grade: F It's a lot like ST:V, a poor movie with some really good scenes. The scimitar battles are really outstanding by Trek standards.
  6. I'm with you, but I think Stewart would ditch the project rather than tarnish the legacy of The Picard.
  7. And how bad would Hamil want to redeem Luke at this point? Hell, he'd probably do the movie for free!
  8. My favorite is probably SFAM, but I think their 2 best songs are Metropolis Pt. 1 and Octavarium. DT is weird like that, where they can have some of their best stuff on an album that's not necessarily their greatest work- In the Presence of Enemies 1 & 2 are outstanding but happen to be on Systematic Chaos. Lines in the Sand and Peruvian Skies are on Falling into Infinity, Endless Sacrifice is on Train of Thought, etc etc.
  9. In the Name of God is a top 10 DT song for me. love that song. Mick It's awesome but suffers from the same thing A Nightmare to Remember does: Goes on for 1 or 2 minutes too long.
  10. Maybe we could get married... WOULDN'T THAT BE COOL?!
  11. The breakdown is awesome. Of course you've seen the movie but it's the part his dad's playing on the piano earlier on. Prince was an amazing artist.
  12. Damn, way too hard. I'd like to pick B sides almost nobody's ever heard of that I enjoy like Computer Blue or Tambourine but honestly some of his hits were his best I think for a reason: I Would Die 4 U, Raspberry Beret, Controversy, and 1999 god dammit!
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