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  1. we are not talking about deals. we are talking about the sting band.. so i will move your discussion..
  2. reani14

    U2 IS BACK...

  3. Welcome to the van halen forum. in this forum we will discuss the new album . tour and pAST PERFORMANCES. stories here. AALL ABOUT VAN HALEN..
  4. Lets discuss wright here about how importan tthe poice are to you. forget rush.. lets makes this a stricktly police live forum.. ok morons...
  5. neil's the real star of this dvd.. hes really on fire and really kicks it out...
  6. Ok, I think the police were great live from 1979-1981. the zenyatta tour was their last best tour. and here's why. It was the last time it was just them three together. by the time of the ghosts tour, it wasnt just about them anymore. they ruined their live raw sound with UN NEEDED back up singers and trumpet players. Ghosts was an excellent record. but the songs couldnt be excuted live on stage , they just didnt have the equipment to pull it off, so they had to substitute it with horns and back up singers. This was stings idea no doubt. by the 83 tour they really got carried away.. Now they got back to thier roots on the 2007 tour , got rid of the horn sections and high school marching bands , probably to reduce having to pay extras. but it worked. thank god.
  7. Pre ordered it from cdjapan, it ended up costing me 50$ with shipping. and it wont ship till may 23rd. so it would take 3 weeks after that. Screw that. so i went to ebay and seen what else i can find. found a guy selling in in Nj brand new for $39.99 plus 2.50 for shipping. and so i cancelled the cdjapan order and bought it off this guy.. so it should be here next week at the latest..
  8. thanks. iam sorry i didnt pick it up with the others.. but i will get it now.
  9. only one iam intrested in that i dont have is. power windows. I have most of the SHM and the artwork and packaging is first rate. wayyy better than the selectors ones.
  10. no no,, they are pretty bad.. they should have touched it up in the studio before releasing this to the public. its really embarrassing. stop sticking up for the dude. his voice was shot and ruined alot of good songs.. He was extremely bad...... so sad....the worst i ever heard him...
  11. iam really embarrsed when people that know iam a rush fan ask me whats wrong with that voice (after seeing time machine on cable)?
  12. geddys voice was great in snakes. but blew on time machine. the worst i ever heard him.. can't beleive they didnt touch up his bad spots.
  13. reani14

    Rush Vinyl

    rush albums on ebay are wayy too pricey..
  14. I only like THE PASS live strictly from the roll the bones tour, The version on 12/7/91 soundboard and the Mirrors 92 SOUNDBOARD ARE EXCELLENT..
  15. I seen bootleg covers better than this..
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