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    Clockwork Angels Tour, Newark, NJ 10/20/12
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    My first show, the New World Tour, December 2, 1982, Madison Square Garden. 5th row right in front of Alex. Greatest concert memory ever.
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    Maiden, Sabbath, Grateful Dead, Genesis
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    some guitar
  1. Rush- Before and After FBN: Making Memories Caress: Necromancer 2112: Lessons (the most underrated song of all the albums) Kings: Cinderella Man Hemi: Circumstances PW: Different Strings MP: Vital Signs Signals: Digital Man Grace: Kid Gloves PoW: Emotion Detector (one of Alex's best ever solos) HYF: Open Secrets Presto: Available Light RTB: Face Up CP: Double Agent TFE: Carve Away VT: Stars Look Down S+A: Spindrift Clockwork: 7 Cities
  2. Great album.... In my top 3 of the year along with Marillion Fear (#1) and Megadeth Dystopia.
  3. Voted Genesis, Floyd & Ozz/Sabbath... ...but absolutely love Zep and Tull as well...
  4. Saw them in DC in November and it was one of the best shows I've seen in years. Hogarth is a tremendous performer and the musicianship was off the charts. World class show. FEaR is easily my album of the year as well.
  5. I'm a fan of both eras, but slightly prefer the Hogarth era. The new album is fantastic, btw.
  6. Good stuff. Looking forward to see him open for Marillion (acoustic set) next month.
  7. No brainer. Ticket secured. Cant wait.
  8. The new album is easily their best since Marbles. Can't wait to hear some of these songs live in November.
  9. Marillion (Cant wait for the new album) Mastodon Supertramp
  10. Beautiful music, no question. But I fail to hear real prog elements in their music, seems like a misnomer IMO.
  11. Dark Side. Id put Red snd Larks Tongues ahead of Court to boot.
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