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  1. Deloused in the Comatorium Frances the Mute Amputecthture Octahedron The Bedlam in Goliath Noctourniquet
  2. Loved it. I think it's the best Batman movie yet. The Nolan films never nailed the feel of Gotham like this.
  3. Sign o' the Times. My top five Prince albums would actually be the run from 1999 to Sign...just banger after banger.
  4. Somebody off the debut is such a banger. I love that album.
  5. RIP Lorraine. You will be missed.
  6. Rush Thin Lizzy Black Sabbath Judas Priest The Beatles Aerosmith Van Halen AC/DC Led Zeppelin Deep Purple Mastodon Blue Oyster Cult Megadeth Metallica Iron Maiden ZZ Top Lynyrd Skynyrd Triumph Queen The Rolling Stones Yes Steely Dan UFO Pink Floyd Nirvana Alice in Chains R.E.M. Genesis The Who Def Leppard Journey Heart Guns 'N' Roses King Crimson Kansas The Doors Jethro Tull The Police Boston Uriah Heep Soundgarden U2 Ghost Supertramp Styx Porcupine Tree Toto Foo Fighters Dream Theater Marillion
  7. Been watching Ash vs. Evil Dead again. Shit is so stupid. I love it.
  8. I like all of them that are left except Get a Grip, and even that has a few bops.
  9. Counterparts and Vapor Trails are mostly good. Presto, RTB, and Snakes have a handful of good songs between them, but don't appeal to me as albums. TFE is the only one I think straight up sucks. I'd rank em like this: Counterparts Vapor Trails Presto Snake & Arrows Roll the Bones Test for Echo
  10. Gotta disagree with the results on this one so far. The last two are way better than Let Me Up.
  11. Snakes. The album had some good interior art, but that appropriated cover sucks.
  12. I'm late, but happy birthday anyway buddy! :cheers:
  13. I like Eliminator a lot, but I'd still take the other two over it. I prefer the real drums.
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