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  1. You can do a lot in a lifetime If you don't burn out too fast You can make the most of the distance First you need endurance - First you've got to last... From "Marathon". Yes, almost all my favourite lines are from Rush songs.
  2. My faves are: The Wreckers The Garden The Anarchist Seven Cities of Gold It's hard for me to pick a favourite from those 4. I also really like Caravan, but I think I've overplayed it.
  3. I love Neil's books, but I don't consider myself a fanatic. A fanatic to me is someone who has a roomful of Rush memoribilia on display, which I do not have. :D
  4. Layered and compressed. Mmm... As a non-musician, I'm not even sure what that means, but you may have just put your finger on the impression I get from those two albums. I still like both of them, though - just something about the sound is problematic for me.
  5. Yes, I may or may not have gotten a little over excited !! With no Rush touring I might be desperate. :0 He looked great in his signature scarf and polka dot shirt outfit.
  6. I met an Australian woman whose last name was Peart. I was surprised that she pronounced it "Pert", so I guess there is more than one acceptable way. But if Neil's family pronounces it "Peert," then that's the way we should say it.
  7. Every single one. Usually the last song I hear in my vehicle while driving somewhere is stuck in my head for the rest of the day. That makes me happy.
  8. I didn’t see that but it sure looked below average I loved the movie, but I'm an avid Rush fan. I can see how it might be mediocre for anyone else.
  9. Power Windows. I don't know why I didn't like it at first. I love it now.
  10. Wait, you loathe Presto and love Rivendell? Did you happen to experience blunt head trauma in your youth? Yes, I loathe Presto and enjoy Rivendell. No, I did not experience any head trauma as a youth. Or as an adult.. Nor do I have tinnitus, though whenever I listen to Presto i have to stop ever y once in a while to make sure. I may be allergic to wordplay that's too clever by half. Or not clever at all. I love Rivendell too! I have to say it's not a typical Rush song, or even a rock song, which is probably why a lot of people don't like it. If people are able to listen to the song objectively, they should recognize that it's a really good song. I'm not crazy about the studio version of Presto, but I think the recent live version is great.
  11. Congrats to everyone involved in the production Time Stand Still! It was very well done. (Although it was a sad show to watch for most Rush fans).
  12. I am hooked on the British drama "Call the Midwife." I just discovered it recently. Sometimes I have to mute the screaming during the birth scenes, but otherwise I love the show.
  13. One of my all-time favourite shows. I've watched it from Day One.
  14. Thanks everyone! This site brings a lot of enjoyment to me. I like connecting with other Rush fans, especially Geddy fans. I still think he has the most amazing voice and I hold out hope he will do more solo work.
  15. Love it! I wish we could wear band t-shirts to work.
  16. 1. Dog Years 2. Face Up 3. Superconductor (SO repetititious!) 4. Wish Them Well 5. You bet your life
  17. Well, I would definitely want the entire Rush catalog, but failing that, Deep Purple would be my choice.
  18. I don't believe it's possible to objectively measure music quality. I happen to think that Geddy Lee is the best rock singer, and I think the quality of RUSH is impeccable. But as we all know, some people hate RUSH. The same goes for any other band - there are lovers and haters. I can go to a classical music concert and listen to an amazing violinist, but it's had to draw a line between a superb violinist and someone who is simply accomplished. It's all a matter of taste, I think, whatever genre you're referring to.
  19. I agree that they are awesome. I am not a musician, but as an avid Rush fan, I have to say they sound amazing.
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