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    My band's (Ultimate Rush) show last night! 2-11-18
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  1. What did this thread used to be? B Ever see a couple of octogenarians fighting with a couple of nonagenarians over the TV remote control in an old folks home? Off topic but who is the girl in Tenacious T's sig?
  2. Aside from the music being great because it is Rush and the songs selections, what did Rush do that made you love the live experience. Looking for both the big things and the nuances. I think their videos and introductions were always creative and fun. I liked the silly stage props the washers, the rotisserie chickens and even the time machines. Neil's kufi's and tour kit. Rotating stage back in the day, Alex's Hot chicks (barbies) and dinosaurs. In addition to these obvious things what am I missing? I yield to the experts in the room.
  3. I can tell you this... I was never a big fan of Witch Hunt (Donald Trump's new theme song) or Vital Signs back in the day. But I have a new found respect for them because they are not easy songs to play live. We just decided to do the full Moving Pictures album for our shows and they are surprisingly hard to pull off. Not sure if its because we are just learning them and have played the others for years or not but they are taking some work. Never-the-less they are still down on the rankings because the rest of the album is so good. ALL of the MP's songs are super fun to play. 1. Red Barchetta 2. Tom Sawyer 3. Camera Eye 4. YYZ 5. Limelight 6. Vital Signs 7. Witch Hunt.
  4. Since there is no longer a Rush Con, I recommend we have a RushForum Con, an opportunity for all forum members to get together live in one place. I recommend Orlando Saturday October 6th. Coincidentally our band is having a show that night and it is the perfect meeting place for out of town guests. Lots of other fun things to do in Orlando in October. Tickets are $39 but with the promo code: xanadu the tickets are only $21.12. Who's in?! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ultimate-rush-live-at-the-abbey-tickets-47965987560?aff=ebdssbdestsearch
  5. A cute story from 2017 in case you missed it... where is the one with glasses? lol http://toronto.cityn...h-band-members/
  6. I had the Spirit of Radio up here a while back, the sampler and Jacobs Ladder I just got. Just wanted to get a little broader sample. Sorry if it is a little redundant.
  7. Hope everyone is doing well, haven't had a chance to post is a while. Looking for some feedback on our Ultimate Rush tribute show and what better place that with Rush fans. I have three videos from our first ever show in February. Since then we have been tightening up and learning some new tunes. And when I say new tunes I mean old. lol. Anyway, let us know what you think. The first video has excerpts of Spirit of Radio, Subdivisions, Limelight and Entre Nous The next video is the full Spirit of Radio with multiple camera views. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoMY2_lzqvo The last one here is Jacob's Ladder - I personally thought it came out pretty good for our first time playing it live. It's a tough song.
  8. Over the years I was with the majority and loved the album except for the last two songs. But now my band has decided to do the entire Moving Pictures "album" for marketing purposes... Come see Ultimate Rush featuring all of the greatest Rush songs fro 1976- 1983 (including the full Moving Pictures album) So within the last two weeks I have been learning these two songs and man they are way harder to play correctly then they seem. Alex does some great chords phrasings and fingerings in both and some of the timing issues are challenging. I now have a new appreciation for these songs which actually raise my overall rating of the album.
  9. You know you're a Rush fanatic when you find yourself the guitar player (alex) of a Rush tribute band.
  10. Changing it up a little... adding Witch Hunt and Vital Signs so we now do the entire MP album. I think that is a good marketing point. Set 1 Space Odyssey 2001 Spirit of Radio Subdivisions Dreamline Closer to the Heart* Entré Nous Analog Kid Broon’s Bane The Trees Xanadu Set2 Tom Sawyer Red Barchetta YYZ Limelight The Camera Eye Witch Hunt Vital Signs R30 Overture----- Drum Solo Freewill Distant Early Warning Overture/Temples of Syrinx Jacob’s Ladder (Encore) La Villa Strangiato * R30 Overture" (instrumental medley representing excerpts of 6 songs from the band's first 6 albums; the songs were "Finding My Way", "Anthem", "Bastille Day", "A Passage to Bangkok", "Cygnus X-1 Book I: The Voyage", and "Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres")
  11. From Farewell to Kings to Signals keyboards were being introduced more and more but Grace Under Pressure was a Paradigm shift in the use of Keys and a big transition in Alex's guitar parts and sound. Presto was the return to more guitar oriented.
  12. La Villa Strangiato It was the first song of theirs I heard and to me still the epitome.
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