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What songs are your current jams?

The Analog Cub

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I'm working through the guitar book "Chord Tone Soloing, A guitarists guide to melodic improvising in any style" by Barrett Tagliarino.


Have also been composing my own songs.

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Royal Blood - Happy (Pharrell Williams cover)

The Beatles - Paperback Writer

Brand New - Jesus Christ

Cute Is What We Aim For - Newport Living

Cute Is What We Aim For - There's a Class For This

Paul McCartney - Ever Present Past

Paul McCartney - Only Mama Knows

Smashing Pumpkins - Zero

Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet With Butterfly Wings

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Better (Guns N’ Roses)

Knights of Cydonia (Muse)

Just the Way You Are (Billy Joel)

This Train Don’t Stop There Anymore (Elton John)

Princes of the Universe (Queen)

Panic Attack (Dream Theater)

I’ve Seen All Good People (Yes)

Don’t Stand So Close to Me (The Police)

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Robert Plant - The May Queen

Robert Plant - New World...

Black Sabbath - Supernaut

Black Sabbath - Into The Void

Dream Theater - Take The Time

Van Halen - Mean Street

Dio - We Rock

Ghost - Bible


that's just a small fraction lol

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The Cure-The Hanging Garden

The Cure-Boys Don't Cry

Nirvana-In Bloom


Green Day-Scattered

Green Day-Only Of You

Green Day-Aramtage Shanks

Green Day-One For The Razor Backs

Green Day-Basket Case


All on drums of course, and the Green Day ones are for a show!! Imma doing a Green Day tribute show this season and I have the most drums songs outta anyone in the show for once :LOL: Imma pissed there is 2 drummers for each song this show bc too many ppl signed up for shows so they had to add a Monday show here bc of the over flow so I guess I have more options next season!!

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Believe it or not I just started listening to Megadeth...Started at Rust In Peace.


And WOW!!! How have I never got around to these guys yet is beyond me. Amazing album.


Oh, yes...it really is.


Congratulations! Hope you’ve continued to dig it.

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I've learned many songs lately.

Fall Out Boy - Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy

Fall Out Boy - Reinventing the Wheel to Run Myself Over

Fall Out Boy - Sugar, We're Going Down

Fall Out Boy - This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race

Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care

Brand New - The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

Taking Back Sunday - Error: Operator

Taking Back Sunday - Sink Into Me

Taking Back Sunday - Call Me In The Morning

The Beatles - All My Loving

The Beatles - Eight Days A Week

The Beatles - Day Tripper

The Beatles - Hello, Goodbye

The Beatles - Come Together

Wings - Mrs. Vandebilt

Wings - Let Me Roll It

Rush - Stick It Out

Blink-182 - Don't Leave Me

Blink-182 - First Date

Blink-182 - Happy Holidays, You Bastard

Blink-182 - The Rock Show

Blink-182 - Misery

Less Than Jake - The Science of Selling Yourself Short

Sum 41 - Jessica Kill

Creeper - Black Mass

+44 - Baby Come On

Boys Like Girls - The Great Escape

Boys Like Girls - Thunder

Motion City Soundtrack - Attractive Today

Motion City Soundtrack - When You're Around

Motion City Soundtrack - Make Out Kids

Motion City Soundtrack - Time Turned Fragile

Motion City Soundtrack - Better Open The Door

Motion City Soundtrack - Hangman

The Doors - Riders on the Storm

The Monkees - Last Train To Clarksville

The Monkees - I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone

The Monkees - She

The Monkees - Daydream Believer

The Outfield - Your Love

The Outfield - Since You've Been Gone

Men at Work - Who Can It Be Now

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Falling Into Grace

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Parallel Universe

Red Hot Chili Peppers - By the Way

Bush - X-Girlfriend

3 Doors Down - Loser

Judas Priest - Bloodstone

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