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  1. That Xanadu video...that always blows me away how damn great Rush was as a live band. Tight. Powerful. Epic.
  2. Meanwhile....somewhere far away, GodEater2112 is too busy making photoshops for the “That’s It” thread to look up and realize what’s happened. Hey dude, I’d appreciate your input.
  3. That sounds like a beautiful moment to me. Sounds pretty cool to me. I’ll be wearing Rush shirts at the gym all week now.
  4. Afterimage was the first song I listened to after I heard the news.
  5. Clockwork Angels just finished. I raised a glass in Neil’s honor @ 10:12.
  6. Me too. Glasses up @ 21:12 CST! My wife, BTW, totally gets the fact I’m tore down over a complete stranger passing away. His music was the soundtrack of my life.
  7. Earl. I don’t know earl, never met earl. But for some reason when I (finally) digested the news about Neil I wondered how Earl was taking it all in. Earl what say you?
  8. I raise a glass of Maker’s Cask Strength!! (Even though I can’t post a pic from my iPhone...).
  9. Hells bells I’ll have a drink every :12 until Pacific Time!
  10. Started listening to 2112 at 21:12. Silly I know. But it’s till a awesome listen even after all this time. And every Professor fill is even more profound now.
  11. We now live in a world without One of The Guys at Work. f***ing stupid.
  12. I am totally numb. At a complete loss for words or thoughts. Same. Your sig, Professor, Ocasek and Petty’s deaths have hurt me the most. I still get teary eyed when Perry’s death hits me when I hear a song of his. Admired his integrity sticking it to the corporate jerks in the music industry. GhostGirl I’m with you. Haven’t been here but infrequently but when I read the news today I new I had to come here and read and listen to Rush.
  13. We lost a musical beacon. Olivia lost a father. I suppose we should all say a round of prayers/good thoughts/positive vibes or whatever your proclivities for her.
  14. I can’t believe it. I had no idea he had brain cancer. Floored. My drumming icon. The guy who got me into drums. This is hard to put into words so I won’t try. So long Professor.
  15. Baker is an AMAZING drummer. Tons of swing, very unique sound...instantly recognizable. Totally shocked he’s still alive considering his self abuse.
  16. There was more to Woodstock than what you're mentioning here. Some people think there is. I think there isn’t. Perceptions and wants. I like the chronic as much as the next guy, maybe more, but mind-altered youthful exuberance with no responsibilities doesn’t seem like much upon which to base generational aspirations upon. Truth is you can’t. The unwashed masses flopping around in the mud still have to put a roof over their head and feed themselves at some point...and not with other people’s food as happened there because they ran out due to terrible management. The rosy glow and euphoric nostalgia surrounding Woodstock is too much.
  17. The only way I enjoy Presto is with my Vape Pen! Sincerely, Huff and Puff Magic Hour
  18. Woodstock looks like a stinking, wet, nasty bunch of stinking, wet, nasty kids strung out on the dope, acid and lsd to be much fun. All this fawning and cock gobbling over a messy clusterfuck of a mis-managed concert festival is something that I simply can’t understand. Damned hippies.
  19. If you go back and look more often than not the guys usually said such things after recording a new album...hell Peart said he thought Snakes & Arrows was possibly their best work ever...I just chalk that up to an artist flush with the afterglow of new creativity. Presto is anything but energetic.
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