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  1. I have a ticket but not sure if I will be going or not. Probably won't decide until a few weeks before. I travel a lot for work so it will probably depend on that.
  2. Just got tix for Gov't Mule in New Orelans for their Halloween show. Not formally announced, but good chance they will play a set of Spinal Tap. Hope they bring a spare dummer 'just in case'
  3. Even with South Park, was ‘closer to the heart’ lyrics from Peart or Talbot? Please educate me on those lyrics
  4. What do y’all think. Was the fact that the “Rush” set contained no songs with Neil lyrics on purpose or just a coincidence???
  5. Got many #1s Lifeson Warren Haynes Duane Allman Jimi Hendrix Jerry Garcia Jimmy Page
  6. Like Tangy, I like him but not much of a fan and agree that he reminds me of Haynes. I will check out the new album. He certainly shows promise. Most of the shows I see are in the jam genre. I've seen him play a few times, but always at a festival (or during Christmas Jam) where he was not the headlining act.
  7. Being from Richmond, I've been to this venue several times. There is a a stage in the basement/1st floor and the main stage on the 2nd floor. I've never noticed any issues with sound whenever I have been there so I will assume this was a one-time issue. I was downtown Sat. night as well, pretty much exactly one mile from the Canal Club (went to the jampacked music festival on Brown's island).
  8. FYI - There is a showing of the 25th anniversary special on the Comedy Channel - Sat. night at 10pm Eastern. Scheduled for 2 hours so it is anyone's guess how much of the Rush stuff will be in it.
  9. Thank you for the info. Did not know when/where it was from.
  10. Supposed to see Gov't Mule tonight in Richmond. But it's outside and supposed to storm all night so I doubt it's gonna happen. Haven't seen Mule since Dec 2019 (but I think I've seen them about 30 times)
  11. Can't recall if this was posted here before. I don't recall seeing it.
  12. Thanks for the info regarding Isaiah. The last couple Crowes shows I saw were with Jackie Greene. I didn't think he brought magic as Luther and Marc Ford had. Glad your buddy enjoyed the show. I did see the live stream of them playing the new EP '72' a few months back from the Whiskey in LA (link : Crowes - Whiskey) where they had Charlie Starr (of Blackberry Smoke) in the lead spot. Was impressed with what he brought.
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