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  1. Did anyone manage to get tickets to either show? I went on Ticketbastard shortly after on sale time for the LA show (wasn't planning on actually getting at ticket, but was curious about price) and had to wait about 20 minutes until I got my turn in line. As expected, all tickets were already sold out.
  2. Most airlines waived change fees in the COVID era so it might not cost you anything to change. Worth looking.
  3. Now if we could only get Alex and Ged to play at the benefit for another drummer. The event in St. Catharines.
  4. Yup. Probably wouldn't have won it in 96 and 01. But if things were different they may have made a run under other circumstances (but not likely)
  5. Didn't realize this had ended already. Thought it was going through the weekend. But I see it is live now. So much for me cashing in my 401k and bidding 310k
  6. For future setlist inquiries, this is a great resource Setlists
  7. I do like the amp capo bit (at the 41:27 mark)
  8. I thought they already made a sequel. It wasn't that good, so I don't think this Spinal Tap 2 would be a good idea. But as others have mentioned, I too hope I am wrong and would love to see another classic. ""A two-hour, made-for-TV sequel, The Return of Spinal Tap, was broadcast and released on video in 1992 to promote Break Like the Wind. It consisted mostly of footage from an actual Spinal Tap concert at the Royal Albert Hall. In it the "Stonehenge" joke from the original movie is referenced, as the new, large prop is instead too big to get into the venue.""
  9. Just watched/listened to the Black Crowes - Live at the Whisky in LA to debut their new EP. It was free off of twitch.tv. First time hearing bout twitch. Setlist: Rocks Off (The Rolling Stones cover) The Slider (T. Rex cover) You Wear It Well (Rod Stewart cover) Easy to Slip (Little Feat cover) Moonage Daydream (David Bowie cover) Papa Was a Rollin' Stone (The Undisputed Truth cover) (with Charlie Starr) Thorn in My Pride By Your Side She Talks to Angels Ballad in Urgency Wiser Time Remedy
  10. Felt great to celebrate 4/20 with my own homegrown bud.
  11. I remember the excitement of getting the new Rush. I was in the Minneapolis airport. Felt a little guilty getting the 'pirated' version but not really as I knew I was gonna be buying it on cd anyways.
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