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  1. That Xanadu video...that always blows me away how damn great Rush was as a live band. Tight. Powerful. Epic.
  2. Meanwhile....somewhere far away, GodEater2112 is too busy making photoshops for the “That’s It” thread to look up and realize what’s happened. Hey dude, I’d appreciate your input.
  3. That sounds like a beautiful moment to me. Sounds pretty cool to me. I’ll be wearing Rush shirts at the gym all week now.
  4. Afterimage was the first song I listened to after I heard the news.
  5. Clockwork Angels just finished. I raised a glass in Neil’s honor @ 10:12.
  6. Me too. Glasses up @ 21:12 CST! My wife, BTW, totally gets the fact I’m tore down over a complete stranger passing away. His music was the soundtrack of my life.
  7. Earl. I don’t know earl, never met earl. But for some reason when I (finally) digested the news about Neil I wondered how Earl was taking it all in. Earl what say you?
  8. I raise a glass of Maker’s Cask Strength!! (Even though I can’t post a pic from my iPhone...).
  9. Hells bells I’ll have a drink every :12 until Pacific Time!
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