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  1. Hero Not the glamor girl Who loves to sell her pants
  2. The Camera Eye Taligasolvaltinar
  3. The Color of Right Cropsoecutnrdu
  4. Actually, it was The Way the Wind Blows. Kid Gloves ebbing
  5. Good day for Grandma yesterday, from what I gathered on FaceTime. She was in good spirits, sounded strong, looked good. She still needs dialysis, but the general attitude among her doctors is that she is doing well. We think we can even visit her (outside, with masks, of course) on Sunday. Leukemia, depression, heart attack, kidney failure, and coronavirus all tried and failed to take her.
  6. 1. Xanadu 2. 2112 3. La Villa Strangiato 4. Cygnus X-1 Book One: The Voyage 5. Natural Science 6. The Camera Eye 7. Cygnus X-1 Book Two: Hemispheres 8. By-Tor and the Snowdog 9. The Fountain of Lammeth 10. The Necromancer
  7. DISC ONE: 1974-1978 1. Finding My Way 2. Working Man 3. Anthem 4. Fly By Night 5. Bastille Day 6. 2112: Overture / The Temples of Syrinx 7. Closer to the Heart 8. Xanadu 9. The Trees 10. La Villa Strangiato DISC TWO: 1980-1982 1. The Spirit of Radio 2. Freewill 3. Natural Science 4. Tom Sawyer 5. Red Barchetta 6. YYZ 7. Limelight 8. Subdivisions 9. The Analog Kid 10. New World Man DISC THREE: 1984-1987 1. Distant Early Warning 2. Red Sector A 3. Between the Wheels 4. The Big Money 5. Grand Designs 6. Marathon 7. Mystic Rhythms 8. Force Ten 9. Time Stand Still 10. Lock and Key DISC FOUR: 1989-1996 1. Show Don’t Tell 2. The Pass 3. Dreamline 4. Roll the Bones 5. Bravado 6. Animate 7. Stick It Out 8. Leave That Thing Alone 9. Test for Echo 10. Driven DISC FIVE: 2002-2012 1. One Little Victory 2. Earthshine 3. Secret Touch 4. Ghost Rider 5. Far Cry 6. Workin’ Them Angels 7. Spindrift 8. Caravan 9. Headlong Flight 10. The Garden
  8. If their pants were exotic and strange They would likely have gladly exchanged them For something a little more plain Maybe something made custom by Hanes
  9. Pants up or you can only back down Pants up! Hit the target, or your pants will hit the ground Pants up! There’s still time to turn this game around Pants up! Pull them up, or turn that wild card down Pants up! Pull them up!
  10. All of us do time in the gutter Dreamers turn to look at the pants
  11. My zipper is low in the depths of despair My pants… …Spill over…
  12. Being from New Jersey, the pizza was always good, and the crust was often the best part. In Florida it’s hard to find pizza that’s anywhere near as good. The minerals in the water are different down here, so the crust doesn’t taste the same. Lots of places use extra sauce to cover up the cardboard crusts. Of course, lately I’ve resorted to making my own pizza, and while it’s not the same as going to some hole in the wall in Jersey or NYC, I do a bang-up job if I do say so myself!
  13. The Watchmaker has time up his pants
  14. Well, we took a break about two years ago. I just thought I should start seeing other people—I mean, listening to other bands. But we found each other again last year, and when Neil died I think we tied the knot.
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