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  1. Neil could still write the lyrics! He could probably drum on any new albums as well, as he'd be able to rest if he needed to. I would love to see all three of them tour Europe once more, but if it's too much for Neil I'd rather they did the tour with another drummer than not at all. It's not selfish of Neil to say he can't handle touring any longer, as long as he's happy for them to pick someone else.
  2. It's rare for me not to cry in "The Garden" or "Bravado", partly because a couple of years ago they were the songs I played to make sense of some difficult times (deaths and long term health problems of family members). I love both songs, but there's so much personal stuff attached to them that I'm wary of playing them unless I know I am alone and don't have to see anyone for a while after.
  3. Why isn't "Outnumbered" on the list?
  4. anima

    Driving with Rush

    Today I was playing AFTK but that's unusual. I play most Rush albums in the car as I can sing along without my family grumbling. Probably the albums I play most in the car are CA and MP (unless I'm in a bad mood and play S&A). Moving Pictures is great for driving because of Red Barchetta and also Camera Eye. I have to drive around town a lot for work, and Camera Eye makes me look at buildings and light and people in a totally different way. It is a great song.
  5. He's looking good for 62!
  6. Hi Zumbi - have you seen this month's Classic Rock? There's a long interview with Alex and Geddy and at the start of Geddy's section it says: "These days it's Lee who is driving Rush forward. He wants to tour more. If he gets his way, the band will return to the UK and mainland Europe in 2016. Whatever happens next, he says, will be dependent on how the other guys are feeling after the US tour: "If everyone's really digging it, the way I think we will, then we might carry on." There is hope!!!
  7. Cut to the Chase. A summit too lofty
  8. You MAY be right It's all a waste of time I guess that's just a chance I'm prepared to take
  9. Gather everything they can score 'Til their BACKS won't bear any more
  10. I wrote some songs for a school musical about Gawain and the Green Knight about 20 years ago! (a friend wrote the rest of the script) I hadn't heard of Rush then and the music was a totally different style anyway (it was for a group of 10 year old kids). But I would love to hear what Rush did with the story!
  11. I wouldn't leave anything off CA. It's the only Rush album where I never skip any of the songs.
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