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  1. Chicken & Mushroom Pasta / Veggies
  2. I still have a soft spot for the Puppets and Justice albums I have to admit, it keeps getting reawakened after watching the odd live show on YT then fades away again. Don't really have much interest in them now. The last show I saw was Lollapalooza which seemed an odd fit, guess things have changed.
  3. Gotta mention Belew is amazing on this, the entire production is just perfection! Had a few KC numbers would linger for days.
  4. RHCP - White Braids & Pillow Chair (easily the best from UL album)
  5. Honey Soy Chicken Potato Chips - my fave for sure!
  6. I never got Pantera...Christopher Cross is great, how much have you heard?
  7. Very warm, humidity and allergies soon, yay
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