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  1. Actually was about to give them a decent go soon, haven't heard that much over the years.
  2. Killzone (haven't played yet but not really into FPS)
  3. Just the double will do me...still an amazing album, can't wait.
  4. As far as his hits, could be my #1, gotta love that 80s production!
  5. The sounds from that game still sound amazing to this day. Brilliant although difficult playing on PS1, got a decent way though
  6. I need to work on her back catalogue for real. What's your fave album?
  7. Good, Netflix is the one I hope to catch soon.
  8. Slayer - Black Magic Cranked the only way, a beautiful thing...
  9. Did you see the 1997 tour? Amazing show here, great setlist as well
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