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    Playing guitar, keeping up with the endless flow of homework that comes my way

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    R40 Columbus
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    Permanent Waves, Clockwork Angels
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    I was at the Cleveland show they recorded for the Time Machine Tour, and Working Man as the final song with the reggae intro, powerful revert back to the original tune, outstanding solo, and superb finish with Cygnus X:1 was easily my best Rush finish.
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    Boston, Led Zeppelin, Greta van Fleet, YYNOT
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  1. BBBoB as well as Wandering the Face of the Earth
  2. I thought this guy does a really good job of breaking down everything that goes into the song, and just how complex the music that Rush made was. Also I never noticed the harmony part in the second verse, that part really blew my mind.
  3. Hello all. I guess I'd consider myself an intermediate level guitar player. Here are a few of the songs that I know all the way through and enjoy playing: More Than A Feeling Crazy Little Thing Called Love Limelight Subdivisions Time Stand Still What are some other Rush and non-Rush songs that I could learn that are around this difficulty level or are a little bit tougher?
  4. Don't murder me for this opinion, but I always put the debut in my bottom two. It's got four of my favorite Rush songs, but the other four are just terribly weak and I always pass over them. The other album in my bottom two is Test for Echo, with a two or three relatively good songs, and the rest of them are either just average or also terribly weak. Also, "terribly weak," "average," and "relatively good" are all compared to Rush's catalog. I'd take Dog Years and Tai Shan over a lot of other music.
  5. Big fan of the tone all throughout Limelight
  6. Live Rush is crazy, and studio Rush can be just as good. There are certain songs though that just sound 1000x better live than they did in the studio. For me, they are Presto Faithless (and most of S&A) Caravan Finding My Way Entre Nous What are yours?
  7. I know there are isolated bass tracks for the studio version, but I really think Geddy plays the crap out of the bass during LVS on Time Machine and I think it would be amazing to here it isolated. Does anyone have it or know how to make one?
  8. I was wondering if anyone has any videos or recordings of Neil from the debut tour. The only ones I've been able to find are with Rutsey.
  9. My first two vinyls! I've been hoping to start a Rush vinyl collection and my brother started me out with Moving Pictures and Permanent Waves.
  10. winter17

    Ranking Rush

    I just peed my pants Where should it go?
  11. winter17

    Ranking Rush

    I have given Caress of Steel another listen, and The Necromancer went up to a 6/10 and I Think I'm Going Bald went to a 3, which increased Caress of Steel's average to 6.6. Caress of Steel is now in this order: Clockwork Angels Caress of Steel Vapor Trails
  12. Show Don't Tell to Roll the Bones Where's My Thing to Counterparts Before and After to Fly By Night Most of their albums have a distinct sound to me so that's the best I could come up with
  13. Most of the hate that goes towards Greta van Fleet is that their sound is too Led Zeppelin-esque, and some even accuse them of being poor attempts at a copy of Led Zeppelin. Honestly, I don't quite understand it. If the lead singer, Josh, didn't sound so much like Plant, and it isn't really his fault, then they would not sound like Led Zeppelin any more than a lot of other 70s bands did. I don't hear Page in their guitar, Jones in their bass, or Bonham in their drums. "Well that's because they aren't nearly as talented as Led Zeppelin!" Well no kidding! If we determined if a band was good or not based on whether they were as good or better than Led Zeppelin, then we wouldn't have very many good bands at all. I think Greta van Fleet has a sound not heard since the 70s, but with new flares that continue to develop the music of old while they find their own style. They've only produced one album (and a couple EPs), so I expect them to really come into their own if they continue on the trend I believe there are on now. Just my two cents...
  14. I gotta say generally I go for Greta van Fleet over YYNOT, although I enjoy YYNOT over any other modern band (outside of Greta van Fleet) Yeah you heard that right. As far as current bands go, Greta van Fleet is 1 and YYNOT is a close 2
  15. Great photos, embarrassing neckwear I didn't realize Alex was using a Les Paul back then
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