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  1. As a long time fan from the late 70s they almost lost me with Vapor Trails.Yes the lyrics were great but musically and not to mention the wall of noise it was subpar but they were back.After Neil’s death I played Rush for a few days and that was it.I even stopped visiting this forum.Over the last month I have gone back to all things Rush
  2. I was just about to say that I think the songs would have to be rewritten a little bit to make them feel more like natural instrumentals. It's nice to see one of the musicians on the board agree with that. Being a musician both solo and band I always strip back a song to acoustic and voice sand see if it works.If it does it’s a good song.I Do Totem and naturally Resist solo but I dropped Half the World because it bored me.
  3. Underwhelmed yes as I was awaiting for something to happen(a key change maybe) but I love the guitar tone and production.But it’s great that he is fired up again.Funnily enough I was just listening and working out and,recording Gilmour’s Faces of Stone when these two tracks came up which gave me some more inspiration.
  4. Err,what do u think Hugh Syme will do with the artwork.Perhaps a 3D thing like the cover of the ep for Prime Mover or some windows like Physical Graffiti with moveable pictures or .....shut up.
  5. ATWAS at last place????!!!!!!.Sure it was early in their career and a bit rough n ready but in terms of a recorded document it surely should be top three.Rio is a great vid but I have the CD and I don’t think I have listened to it all the way through.I thought that would be lower.
  6. As far as production goes Snakes is a lot cleaner and atmospheric than VT and CA.But song wise maybe a song or two.Musically Far Cry could be a stand in for One Little Victory.But lyric wise they are different albums.Although the remaster of VT was good and got rid of that wallblock of sound ,something that plagued CA somewhat,I just wished some of the production values of Snakes had gone into those albums.I suppose with all Rush albums there is thematic at ,least musically ,with their albums.For me Vital Signs could be on Signals,New World Man on GUP.Just my humble opinion.
  7. In the mid 90s I was virtually homeless and broke.I lived in a one room hut and all I had apart from clothes was a boom box with mostly cassettes and about half a dozen CDs.I bought Counterparts new and literally played it to death.I still have it and if you look at it you would swear it would not play but it does perfectly.I also have the second vinyl album that I bought back when I was about 12yr in 74 which is Deep Purple Made in Japan.Played to death with worn out needles and surface scratches but still plays great with lots of atmosphere in them crackles.How I still have it is a wonder
  8. I have heard people say that AFTK has cinematic sound and feel to it and I agree.There is really no straightforward rock songs on here like Bastille Day or Something for Nothing.Acoustic guitars,keyboards and more percussion but there is still loud guitars,thunderous bass and drums.And Geddy’s keening shriek. A Farewell To Kings:Love the acoustic intro something which the will repeat on the next album with the Trees.A powerful verse but I always found the chorus a bit stodgy. Xanadu:Epic.You can’t just wash the dishes to this,you have to sit down and give it your full attention . Closer to the Heart:Probably heard it too much like Spirit and Tom Sawyer but a perfect folk song with that progressive edge.I play this acoustically in my solo act. Cinderella Man:A vastly underatted song.Love the bass.Love the live take on Different Stages. Madrigal:A short lovely song and a big step up from Rivendell. Cygnus:On first listen a bit all over the place and seemingly unfinished,but wow,does it take you somewhere(a black hole perhaps).Geddy would never shriek like this again and Alex’s fading chords would, that G suspended something I think,would reappear on the next album and many years later on Far Cry. I see each album up to this point better than the last.In fact it wasn’t till HYF that I felt there was a dip
  9. grasbo

    Rupert Hine RIP

    Always loved his work on Presto and RTB.Yes its all bright and shiny but I loved it just as much as the heavy stuff of days of yore.Still have Hines Immunity vinyl from when first released.
  10. My faves are Limelight,Between the Wheels,La Villa.My favourite album for solos (which some people will disagree with)is GUP.Being a guitarist this album changed my outlook on solos.I have mentioned this before but a Guitar Player magazine at the time had features on Alex’s playing on GUP and EVH’s Diver Down.At that time I was an Eddie nut with all the speed and finger tapping nonsense.I remember Alex saying he was impressed with Eddie’s technique but ultimately it didn’t have longevity with him.Afterimage and Red Sector A like BTW are emotional solos and reflect the music and lyrics.But he still revved it up on Kid Gloves which I thought at the time was a dig at EVH with that wtf was that moment.Special mentions for Bravado,Avaidable Light and Red Barchetta.If there is any solos I don’t care for is the squally speed solos on Analog Kid and Spirit of Radio.Another special mention Shutting Up (?) off Victor.
  11. Musicians can keep on going forever if the desire to play is still there despite ailments or the loss of essential band members.Look at Keith Richards.Understandably Neil’s passing will take time.But Ged and Alex have been mates since school and if they don’t do anything professionally again I can still see them having the old knees up somewhere.
  12. Yes Fridge I do tend to agree with you on the original.As for people who say the original is heavier and remix is lite on,make no mistake I am a fan of some brutal heavy metal.But VT original is grating loud and dare I say itAlex’s tone sounds atrocious.The remix shows more detail and if I want it heavy I turn the bass and volume up.Ghost Rider which is lyrically brilliant but I couldn’t stand to listen to is now seen in a different light.Ditto Freeze and Out of the Cradle although they still sub par for Rush.I just wish the original had not been released.P.S.Being a bassist and guitarist it’s a joy to hear intricate passages without a brick wall coming at you
  13. Ok this has been a long time coming but I finally received VT remixed in the post today via eBay.Why have I not purchased the remix until now?A few reasons.I like supporting local music shops but I never saw the remix in store and just never got round to ordering it.Apart from a few tracks I just didn’t like the album.I listened on Spotify to a few tracks but never the full remix album.Also being homebound (the virus)I found myself ordering a few CDs which normally I wouldn’t do.So with beer in hand ,fire up the megawatt PA system in the man cave,start the model train layout whizzing,light a joss stick,put up feet.The verdict.f***ing magic.Three spins later and perhaps three cartons of piss later it’s like listening to a new album.And this is one of the rare times I have been able to sit through the entire CD,let alone three.I shall dissect the album in another post when I am sober.A ray of light in these dark times.
  14. grasbo


    I came on board with Rush in 78 with Hemispheres and eagerly awaited each new release.By the 90s I was really hanging for each new release.I really love Presto through to TFE. and I play these albums a lot.Vapour Trails was spoilt by mastering loudness whatever it is .However I have just finally ordered the remix which I have in about a week which I will sit down and give it a real listen.I just feel those 90s are very under appreciated because there is some great songwriting and performances.No it’s not By Tor or 2112 but I am glad they changed and and didn’t churn out the same thing over and over.
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