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  1. Thanks OP that was very good. Loved the part about A Passage to Bangkok and the 'research' involved. :smoke:
  2. Band = Alice in Chains. They were my favourite band for a long time. Better album...= Appetite for destruction. Yeah the songs have been way over-played over the years and familiarity (often) breeds contempt, but Appetite kicks ass and is one of the Top 10 greatest rock album of all time IMO. However I'll take AIC "Facelift" over all later AIC albums and anything GNR have done. Said 99% of the population. Sorry mate couldn't help myself :P
  3. RIP Vinnie Paul. :( Thanks for all the huge drum grooves :haz:
  4. Holy sh*t I haven't laughed that much in a long time :lol: My previous favourite 'shreds' video was Hall & Oates "Man eater - shreds". Rush "Limelight shreds" has taken top spot.
  5. Given a dog a bone - AC/DC. Second thoughts don't think it's about dogs :P Jessie - Paw (band).
  6. Absolutely love Cinderella. Night Songs album kicks ass. I used to love showing off my Cinderella Night Songs t-shirt as a kid. My wife still regularly wears a Cinderella t-shirt. Tom Keifer's voice always reminded me of a heavier Brian Johnson.
  7. SRV. I'm not too familiar with Rory's work tbh and SRV is in my top 5 greatest guitarists of all time (above Alex).
  8. Off top of my head: Freewill Bravado Prime Mover (ASOH VHS) And many, many more songs.
  9. Ya' click-baiting bastard! Fingers crossed you can get an interview with EVH
  10. I love My Favourite Headache and would prefer to list to it over: Signals Grace Under Pressure Hold Your Fire Roll the Bones Snakes and Arrows Clockwork Angels any day of the week.
  11. According to Alex the recording of Caress of Steel was very 'atmospheric'. :smoke:
  12. thirteen

    Fly bye

    :laughing guy: Oh wait, you're serious I love Fly By Night, with the exception of Rivendell.
  13. thirteen

    Clock road

    Easy: - Bad mix/sound production. - There's at least one song on the album that is not as great as the rest. Rush demonstrated perfection with Permanent Waves. Heck, even the album cover is perfect.
  14. No. That makes you a True Rush Fan (patent pending). PS After a week of Caress of Steel your car probably smells like :smoke:
  15. IMO the peak of live 80's Rush was A Show of Hands. It still sounds (and looks) bloody amazing. I'll take ASOH live on VHS over Clockwork Angels DVD every time.
  16. {Puts on flame suit} IMO Rush have many songs that are much better than Diane, I mean, Tom Sawyer. For me, Tom Sawyer sounds too 'disjointed' and doesn't 'flow' (if that makes sense). Still a good song, just not one of the greats IMO.
  17. I'm a card carrying fan of old Iron Lungs myself. Bonnet live in 2016 singing 'Only one woman'. Aged 68. Powerful.
  18. Although my vote goes to Megadeth, I think that they are a great band and rate Rust in Peace 10/10, being perhaps (IMO) the best heavy metal album. Ever. Somehow, Mustaine's angst 'sneer' just seems to work with the music. I do however still consider him a weak vocalist.
  19. Great band, weak vocalist? The answer is a resounding MEGADETH. Mods, you can close this thread now.
  20. I'd say James LaBrie....but I don't consider Dream Theater great (by a long shot). Perhaps Geddy, but then again he had some kickass moments in his prime.
  21. I'm a Bon-fanatic. However, I have a friend who sings for an AC/DC tribute band from Sydney called Dirty Deed - AC/DC tribute. I asked him who is harder to sing, Bon or Brian? His answer - Brian is much harder to sing. If your breathing isn't spot on - your farked.
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