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What songs are your current jams?

The Analog Cub

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Pull Me Under by Dream Theater

Thunderstruck by AC/DC

Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin

Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses

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Green Day - Kill the DJ

PVRIS - St. Patrick

Seether - No Jesus Christ

Seether - Careless Whisper (George Michael cover)

Motion City Soundtrack - Everything Is Alright

Motion City Soundtrack - L.G. Fuad

Bush - Machinehead

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Rush-Tom Sawyer

David Bowie-Modern Love

David Bowie-Space Oddity

David Bowie-Young Americans

Nirvana-Smells Like Teen Spirit




Anthrax-Got The Time

Cheap Trick-Surrender

Cheap Trick-Dream Police

Wall Of Voodoo-Mexican Radio

Helloween-I Want Out

The Who-Baba O' Riley

Green Day-Longview

A ton of easier songs too, but those easy songs are just warm up :)

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I've been trying out Tesla's "Love Song" and Dire Straits' "Brothers in Arms".


I learnt those same 2 songs a couple of months ago out of Guitar World!



Same here! xD

I had pulled that issue out to try and play "Love Song" then noticed it had "Brothers in Arms" tabbed out as well, and I had just discovered that song not too long ago.

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