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    The time Alex Lifeson sent one of his rodees out and gave me a guitar pick right after they played "Losing It" for the second time ever
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  1. The Philadelphia Union picked up a point with a draw to Toronto FC. It should've been a win (Altidoore didn't deserve that penalty in the second minute of stoppage time in the first half) but you know I'll take it. Early season points are always so crucial later in the season when fighting for a playoff spot, plus we've clinched a spot in the top 6 for the week, even if NYCFC or D.C. AND Atlanta win, we'll still be in a decent position. Plus, the hard games for us this month are over, we play Orlando next week and they don't have Kaka. Just hope Simpson is okay to play next week, he is a crucial part to the team.
  2. Favors metal. Puts Presto and RTB above 2112. I was explaining the first few. Vapor Trails, Snakes and Arrows over Permanent Waves. Presto I enjoy for some reason I don't know why, and the same for Roll the Bones.
  3. 1. Rush 2. Asia 3. AC/DC 4. Dream Theater 5. Guns N' Roses
  4. In my metal-favored opinion: 1. Vapor Trails 2. Snakes and Arrows 3. Test for Echo 4. Moving Pictures 5. Permanent Waves 6. Clockwork Angels 7. Roll the Bones 8. Presto 9. Grace Under Pressure 10. Counterparts 11. Rush 12. Signals 13. 2112 14. Power Windows 15. Farewell to Kings 16. Hemispheres 17. Fly By Night 18. Hold Your Fire 19. Caress of Steel
  5. That was yesterday wasn't it. Damn! I knew I forgot something. Yep at the Sellersville Theater, but they will be going to Bethlehem in June I think. It's a long time from now but still it's worth seeing them http://www.lotusland....com/shows.html Did they play anything after 1982? Yeah they played a few songs after 1982, most of which were from Clockwork Angels.
  6. I found this picture of all of us at the Lee Lifeson Art Park. I got this off of the Rushcon Facebook page. For some reason I don't see myself in this picture even though I remember being in it. I see my dad, and I know I'm near him but I don't know where I am http://imgur.com/41dsWbt.jpg
  7. Does anybody have the picture from Rushcon this year that we all took at the Canadian Walk-of-Fame?
  8. Hoping Paul McCartney comes back to Philly this year.
  9. Either Roll the Bones, Face Up, the live version of Scars (on the Presto tour), or Superconductor.
  10. I don't know how Geddy sang "Now there's no more oak oppression" with a straight face and straight voice, not even laughing.
  11. Glowing in my dreams, like hallucinations
  12. Superconductor was a great song off of Presto, but they only played it on two tours (as far as I know): on the Presto and Roll the Bones tours.
  13. Scars is one of my favorite songs off of Presto, but the live version sounds terrible. Not the playing, the vocals. They had a clip in the background that Geddy couldn't keep in sync with, all the while every time you heard "Scars of pain" it would repeat "pain" in the background like "p-p-p-p-pain-pain-pain" and honestly it sounded more like a garbage hip-hop or rap song than a prog rock song. Sorry to break it to you, but I honestly hated it. I always thought that was just Geddy being g-g-g-g-goofy. (Sometimes there are technical problems with that stuff, but that is the way it was done live in this case.) Yeah it probably was but it just sounded terrible in my opinion. Scars is prog rock The song itself is, yes, but with all of the skipping sound effects it sounds more like a ©rap song than a prog rock song the way they performed it live on the Presto Tour.
  14. Uh...does Time Stand Still count? If not I think it was Soul Plane or something lol
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