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    Largo, Florida
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    Rush and Helloween and drawing meager cartoons.

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    Tampa, FL 5-24-2015
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    Everything on Test For Echo and Counterparts, "Lock and Key", "The Garden" and "La Villa Strangiato"
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    Test For Echo & Counterparts
  • Best Rush Experience
    Going to see Rush for the first time. My dad and I got to meet Alex and Geddy. I also got to hear "Animate" live and just to get to share that night with my dad was the greatest thing ever. And air drumming along with "Tom Sawyer" with everyone else in the audience was pretty awesome, too.
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    Helloween, Deep Purple, Great White, Savatage, Iron Savior, Unisonic, Crimson Glory, Queensryche
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    Guitar and I'm very good at air drumming
  1. That has actually been my favorite Linkin Park song since 2011. I'm glad you posted it. :]
  2. I never really liked Bruce Springsteen much at all, but I do LOVE his song "I'm On Fire". Mainly because I didn't actually know it was him when I first heard it on a radio station...
  3. HeartMongerSam is mine. :] http://heartmongersam.deviantart.com/
  4. Great White - Full Circle (pre-ordered from their website, so it's got a making-of DVD as well) Sentenced - all their albums from Amok through The Funeral Album on CD at my local record store (and they were all $2.99 - I couldn't believe it) Obscura - Akroasis Sacred Steel - Hammer of Destruction (on vinyl) Iron Maiden - Sanctuary 7"
  5. This is a hard decision. I do enjoy all three, but I went with Foreigner since I enjoy listening to them the most out of the choices. Also, If a song of theirs comes on the radio, I'll sing along a lot faster to them as opposed to the others.
  6. Yes, videos would be awesome. And congrats on getting into the show! :D
  7. I thought Redeemer of Souls was epic when it came out and I still think it's epic, so Judas Priest gets my vote.
  8. Battle Beast, ever since I saw them live a few weeks ago. xD
  9. The full realization that I'm not going to see my boss at work anymore. He was very suddenly fired or something like that the other day. I've known him for almost two years and he gave me my first chance at a job where we previously worked (a movie store) plus he's just fun to be around. I really owe a lot to him. Work is going to be very weird when I go back on Thursday...
  10. It was my last day off before I go back to work, so I just relaxed for most of the day. Although I did finish up the latest chapter for a story I'm writing and I bought a ticket to see Venom Inc. in September.
  11. Tesla! They've been among my favorites for almost three years and their latest three studio albums have all been beyond amazing in my opinion. I like all the Cinderella songs I've heard, which is mainly their well-known songs, but 100% I'm going with Tesla. I also finally got to see Tesla last year and it was exactly as epic as I hoped it would be.
  12. I like cooking or even just helping out with cooking. I've been cooking dinner for my family for a bit over ten years now and I still enjoy it, even if what I happen to make is fairly simple.
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