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Overall Favorite Rush Album


What is your favorite Rush studio album?  

1143 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your favorite Rush studio album?

    • Rush (Original Album)
    • Fly By Night
    • Caress of Steel
    • 2112
    • A Farewell to Kings
    • Hemispheres
    • Permanent Waves
    • Moving Pictures
    • Signals
    • Grace Under Pressure
    • Power Windows
    • Hold Your Fire
    • Presto
    • Roll the Bones
    • Counterparts
    • Test For Echo
    • Vapor Trails
    • Feedback

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2112 for me. Not the 1st Rush album I bought, not even close (probably owned at least 6 other albums before I bought it - perhaps more) but once I got it, it just took over the top spot and has never given it up.


Other albums may make an occasional run at it but they can never equal or surpass it. It's like a race horse that takes a big lead and just goes into cruise control. Every so often some other horse from the pack will put a burst of speed and come up close. At that point 2112 picks up the pace and leaves that horse, magnificent as it may be, in the dust.


Lots of great albums in the pack but none match it. IMO that is.


By the way, S & A does need to be added to the poll. Good album but even if it was there 2112 would still be in control. Oh, and S & A would most likely not be in second place either.



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Just goes to show Moving Pictures is the opus.

Smack dab in the middle of a bell curve.

It gets my vote because it is the first album I ever bought. Then I started buying them 6 a year. I'm 20 and I have 19...so yeah...I'm averaging almost one a year thanks to Moving Pictures.

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QUOTE (anathema @ Jun 26 2012, 02:13 AM)
I like this thread. i am brand new to rush i only own 2112. Gonna work through this list from best to worst. Any advice on which one i should go to next?

Either Permanent Waves or Farewell to Kings.

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I voted Moving Pictures, but that doesn't tell the whole story. I don't know if it's possible, but I'd love to see some polls formatted such that we can give points to our top ten choices. (10 pts for favorite, 9 pts for 2nd favorite, etc.).


I think that would be a more interesting result to look at.

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Moving Pictures will always hold a special, special place for me. My first love.


Now that it is incorporated into canon, my favorite Rush album is Clockwork Angels.

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For years 2112 was my favorite album, and I still love it and listen to it all the time. As I've gotten older I started to realize how much more I can relate to an album like Counterparts. While I have never lived under a socialist regime, I sure have seen the "Look in her eye's as she heads for the door" and felt the cold fire. So 2112 has become an album that I appreciate because I love listening to it, and always will. There are songs that I can relate to on many of the albums, but none as much as Counterparts. For this phase of my life at least, CP is my favorite Rush album!
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This is a really hard choise, because I love all Rush albums in one or another way. But since I only can choise one, my vote goes to Caress Of Steel, its just a perfect album, love evry song on it!!
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Since I voted in this poll several years ago my fave album changed from Signals to Hemispheres, but I'm not going to change it - Signals needs more representation. :)


Interestingly, however, the poll doesn't include S&A or CA - if those were added it probably wouldn't skew the vote too much, but the only way to make it accurate would be to create an entirely new poll and lose all the results, and as of today there are 991 votes - almost 1,000! :)

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