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    -Seeing them September 9, 2007 in St. Paul, MN!! First rock concert ever!!! -Seeing them September 26, 2012 in Winnipeg! Such a fun evening with my friends. :)
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  1. Exactly. And it makes you confront the fact that people who have already suffered greatly and have contributed a ton to the world can just get dished another helping of adversity for no reason.
  2. Bravado: And if the music stops There's only the sound of the rain All the hope and glory All the sacrifice in vain (And) If love remains Though everything is lost We will pay the price But we will not count the cost
  3. Of course I'm sad because he was a childhood hero of mine, but what really makes me sad is that he'd just retired to spend more time with his family... and then that time was robbed from him. It's going to be hard for his wife and his young daughter. I guess they had time to say goodbye, but what a painful thing. Rest in peace, Neil.
  4. They say age 14 is the most formative time for your musical tastes. That was the age when I got into Rush in 2006. Even the albums I view as relatively weak (Presto and Roll the Bones) have strong nostalgic value for me and that aside, I still like over half the tracks on those albums. :)
  5. I can try to rank them within their eras. Still very tight (with the exception of the first and last eras) 2112 Fly by Night Caress of Steel Rush Moving Pictures Hemispheres Permanent Waves A Farewell to Kings (all nearly tied) Power Windows Grace Under Pressure Signals Hold Your Fire (top 2 nearly tied) Counterparts Presto Test for Echo Roll the Bones (bottom 3 nearly tied) Vapor Trails Clockwork Angels Snakes and Arrows
  6. I thought this thread was going to be about Richard Wagner http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_Go0MKPZWTmc/TMfgcV7KLCI/AAAAAAAAANk/VAGXh3isRms/s400/wagner2a.jpg
  7. Cool sea breezes! Brrrrr!!!!
  8. We got sprinkles in SoCal today! And it was cloudy most of the day! But still hot and humid. Most unusual.
  9. I used to be one, but then I got into classical and jazz. The stuff that the great composers and improvisers have done make the headiest of rock bands look like kids playing in a sandbox. Not that I don't still love rock music -- of course I do. But if you're going for complexity and intricacy, rock doesn't compare to those genres.
  10. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/A10z-Lit6bL._SL1500_.jpg Some view Interview as the beginning of the end for Gentle Giant, but those people are nuts. Even people who like this album don't like it enough! I personally like it better than Free Hand. The title track is probably the most clever thing the band ever came up with, and that's saying something. Design is also totally brilliant and innovative.
  11. Just got to the end of Moon-Shaped Pool. What a delightful album. Gorgeous.
  12. KROQ was good the little bit I've heard it. Do you know if that Tijuana alt rock station is still around? Years ago I heard it while in the OC area, as they were a Mexican station they didn't have to adhere to FCC regulations and just cranked up the wattage. I remember liking it. I've not... I'll have to look for it sometime!
  13. Rush will always be my favorite band, but now that they are no longer touring, Protest the Hero has inherited the throne of my favorite touring band. :haz:
  14. KROQ is still going strong here in LA! Nice variety of tracks.
  15. Weezer's last effort, Everything Will Be Alright in the End, was a huge return to form for the group, who had really hit rock bottom back in 2009 with Raditude. This week they released their fourth self-titled album (this time white), and it seems like they're staying true to their roots and making fun, sincere power pop. Anyone else digging this new release? It reminds me so much of the Blue Album, and that makes me happy. :)
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