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    Clockwork Angels in Vegas and Phoenix.
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    Available Light.
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    All of them.
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    Every Rush show I've ever been to.
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    Kinks, Guess Who, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd.
  1. I'm looking to meet a cool Rush fan chick. Tattoo's would be cool, but being a Rush fan is more then enough. I'm 39 year old life long Rush fan living in upstate NY with a good job! Let me know if you feel like chatting sometime. http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m171/rgm2112/portraits1_zpsa02acbad-1_zps1d40a2a3.jpg http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m171/rgm2112/2112trib_zps5c9d686e-1_zps6ca7792c.jpg http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m171/rgm2112/leftpit2_zpse85562a7.jpg
  2. rgm2112


    Good choice dude, Chain Lightning has been a part of my future tattoo plans for a while now.
  3. Very Nice, now get over that fantasy that it will be your last!
  4. There is a fake list of Rush tour dates circulating on Facebook for the summer of 2013. It's true that Rush announced on their facebook page that they would be adding dates to the tour for the summer of 2013 in North America, but the list that is going around the internet today is bogus.
  5. And they did post on their Facebook page that they will be back in North America for another leg in the summer of 2013!
  6. I wouldn't be very sad if they decided not to make anymore albums, we have plenty of Rush music to take us through the rest of our lives. I would be absolutely crushed to find out that I will never see another concert though. When that happens, I might end up on depression medication!
  7. For years 2112 was my favorite album, and I still love it and listen to it all the time. As I've gotten older I started to realize how much more I can relate to an album like Counterparts. While I have never lived under a socialist regime, I sure have seen the "Look in her eye's as she heads for the door" and felt the cold fire. So 2112 has become an album that I appreciate because I love listening to it, and always will. There are songs that I can relate to on many of the albums, but none as much as Counterparts. For this phase of my life at least, CP is my favorite Rush album!
  8. The whole album rocks, but "Available Light" moved me so much I got a sunrise tattooed in my right armpit with the words "promise offered in the East" underneath it, and a sunset in the left one with "broken in the West". After all these years I still listen to it every day.
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