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    Time Machine tour at Holmdel, NJ - During the intro to 2112 I managed to sneak down the aisle, about 10 feet from the stage. Geddy Lee was staring right at me jamming on his red Rickenbacker as I hopped up and down in time with the music.
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  1. Alex has actually been more busy than Geddy from what I have seen. He has his acting gig and does guest appearances here and there. As far as working musically, yes that is true. But I've heard that Geddy has put a lot of effort into the book he has coming out soon (Not surprising as Geddy does nothing half-heartedly). It will be interesting to what happens now that the book is done.
  2. Football never figures into anything I might decide to do. Me neither...starting last season anyway. Never has for me....ever. It would figure into my plans, just because I have a couple of buddies I've been watching Eagles games with since we were 18-19 years old. We might miss a game occasionally, but never opening day. I honestly almost edited that out after thinking about it, because I really don't think it was a factor in choosing a date. It mostly comes down to the camp only being available for the few weeks around labor day, and the organizers wanting the the extra day to disassemble and recuperate.
  3. I've been a Rush fanatic my whole life. I've had several long stretches where I only listened to Rush. I've had several shorter stretches where I needed a break and only listened to other stuff. Currently I'm at about 85%/15% Rush/other stuff. Sure there is other stuff worth listening to, but nothing comes close to Rush. After all these years, that still hasn't changed for me. Don't let anyone tell you not to listen to only Rush. If that's what you enjoy, by all means do it. Like I said I've been there lots of times myself.
  4. They just added one each of Alex and Geddy which are absolutely beautiful shots. I wish I could afford them.
  5. For anyone who may be interested, there are a couple of "rare or never before seen" photos, donated by Craig M. Renwick and personally signed by Rush (I think one is a picture of Neil only that is only signed by him) currently up for auction on eBay. https://twitter.com/rushtheband/status/1032757527811743745
  6. He is only that way because he doesn't like to be around people, and some shy people (Me included) don't like people to the point where they treat em like shit. Thou, he is a bit of a dick, he isn't as bad as some other celebs out there honestly. Neil does not treat people like crap or dislike being around people in general. He just doesn't like or feel comfortable interacting with starstruck fans. It's an overeaction on his part in my opinion, but he's entitled to his personality quirks just like anyone else.
  7. Holy smokes. If I hated someone this much I think I'd have to cease being a fan of their music and just stop paying attention to them altogether.
  8. Close... 1. MP 2. Hemi 3. PeW 4. AFTK 5. 2112 My top 3 are so close anyway. The one thing is that MP is either #1 or #2 at all times Very close but I can't ever dislodge the ridiculous perfection of MP from #1, however thrashed. Hemi and PeW have swapped #2 and #3 a few times over the years but Hemi just by a whisker for a long time now. For me, it’s like this... MP has been #1 80% of the time. Hemis has taken #1 20%. PeW has always been #2 or #3. It means Hemis has varied the most of the three but none of them has ever gone out of the top 3. This likely will never change. That three-album run is the sweet spot, for sure. Yep it sure is. For me Hemi is always #1 though, and MP is always a close 2nd. The gap to PeW is a little larger, but all 3 are still pretty close, and always at the top.
  9. 1 Hemispheres 2 Moving Pictures 3 Permanent Waves 4 A Farewell to Kings 5 Caress of Steel
  10. I think they only have a 3 or 4 week window of availability from the camp facility. They do it on Labor Day weekend to allow the extra day after to recuperate, unpack, etc. There are also contributing issues such as weather and football season. Doing it earlier increases the likelihood of heat and rain, and one week later is the start of football season. I wish you both could make it as I always love meeting other Rush loyalists, but understandably family commitments will take precedence.
  11. I have the same issue. I also don't think Far Cry is all that amazing. Far Cry is meh. Oh god I thought I was alone haha I’d give Far Cry a “C” grade and is the 5th best tune off Snakes Far Cry is the only song on the album with lyrics worth listening to. All I can add is that Snakes is my least favorite Rush album. Nothing on it gets me too interested. Even the four songs that I do like I don’t think they’re all that special, just four good but not great tunes. I really, really like ... Working Them Angels The Instrumentals That's about all I can take. The four good but not great songs I’m talking about are the instrumentals + The Way the Wind Blows. And I think all 4 have lost a little luster over time with me Malignant Narcissism, The Main Monkey Business, The Way the Wind Blows, Workin' Them Angels, and Far Cry are all great songs in my opinion. (I absolutely LOVE the bass line in Far Cry). S & A almost made my list just on the strength of those 5 songs because I really like them all a lot. But I don't particularly care for much of the rest of the album so it slipped further down my list.
  12. 1 - Hemispheres 2 - Moving Pictures 3 - Permanent Waves 4 - A Farewell to Kings 5 - Caress of Steel 6 - Grace Under Pressure 7 - Fly By Night 8 - Rush 9 - Clockwork Angels 10 - Counterparts
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