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    Calgary, R40 Tour
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    Seeing The Big Money live, and then three other power windows songs with Force Ten inbetween. A close second is seeing a gorilla in a canucks jersey beating up a chicken in a bruins jersey a week after the 2011 Stanley cup riots during the 2112 overture
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  1. Ashes to Ashes, Dust To Stardust, Rest in Peace David. Thanks for everything and more.
  2. It's Weird, uncomfortable, and I love it. Great drum and bass in it, and the pop vocal in the middle is a nice little break for the middle section.
  3. Best thing for me was in Minneapolis during 2112 where Alex wandered over to Geddy's unguarded microphone and yodeled (impressively I might add) into it where Geddy's vocable normally is in the song. He didn't to it in Calgary, but he did sing with Geddy during What your doing in a comedic way
  4. It's certainly too bad that you couldn't get on the floor (which is like a mini rush-con, especially when you attend by yourself, and have nothing to do but talk to your seat neighbours). Fact is that a good chunk of people in the bowl are beyond their years of going crazy for concerts, or simply people looking for something to do by going to see a band with enough familiar songs. Its too bad you were at the Vancouver show from an audience perspective. From my experience on the Time Machine Tour, Vancouver Rush fans are more lethargic (cough-cough-pot-cough). Now Winnipeg and Calgary on the other hand have been fantastic, with Winnipeg's strong hipster youth supporting the crowd, and Calgary's general rowdiness, those two shows had the lower bowl standing the majority of the night. Side note, at the recent Calgary show, John Mellencamp was playing the same night, and helped add to the crowded C-Train. Fact is most tour bookers don't look into who else is playing in a night (especially in big cities with 10+ venues, because there are too many touring bands to provide exclusivity, so One Direction played the same night as Rush...I highly doubt there is a large crossover in fan bases there. Welcome to the forum.
  5. Yeah, I was glad to make it back to Alberta again, its a fun province. It is very interesting to see the difference in audience north and south of the 49th. For each of the Canadian Rush shows I have been to, (Vancouver (11), Winnipeg (12), Red Deer (13), and now Calgary (15)) the audience was a nice blend of people, from different cultures and social groups (in particular, the Winnipeg Rush show was swarming with hipsters (that's a good thing)). St. Paul though seemed to be the poster child for the stereotypical Rush concert. Every attendee a white male, most of them over 40. On the drum kit, I never actually knew that the hockey kit was going to be there, but other fans pointed it out to me (it was right at the entrance doors I had picked), and since I was one of the first ones in the building, I ran for the line, and was in and out in under 3 minutes. I got a great shot and it will be a great memento. Sorry the line was so long for you. I assume they avoided mentioning how long it has been since they last played Calgary to avoid mentioning the flood (so to not remind them of the tragedy, or boast that they played a benefit concert)
  6. I quite enjoyed the show, it was nice to hear set B (or the deep cut set as I call it). I am not sure whether I preferred this show, or their St. Paul show better (Set C), as both had their own fun moments to them. I definitely thought the crowd was better in Calgary though, a much more responsive crowd with a better age and gender diversity, with lots of people to have friendly chats with (The Minneapolis show was surprisingly full of older men who seemed to keep to their group from perspective). Did anyone here get a picture with the hockey kit?
  7. I saw set C. I would remove Clockwork Angels, What Your Doing, and Far Cry (or The Main Monkey Buisness, one or the other, doesent matter), I would insert Test For Echo, Prime Mover and The Big Money
  8. One of my favorite moments is when Alex yodels in Geddy's Mic during 2112
  9. In The Mood Fly By Night Lakeside Park A Passage to Bangkok Xanadu La Villa Strangiato The Spirit Of Radio Vital Signs Subdivisions The Enemy Within The Big Money Prime Mover The Pass Dreamline Cold Fire Test For Echo Vapor Trail For What Its Worth Malignant Narcissism The Anarchist
  10. I think (if I remember correct) that the Twin Cities was "Because Two is better than one"
  11. I voted Meh, but only because they skipped not only Power Windows (which sadly was to be expected), but also Hold Your Fire and Test For Echo, both of which I really like. Overall though we were all spoiled with the great stuff they brought out. Only other complaint is the lack of delay between the end of the main set and the encore, because that just felt weird.
  12. Heads up to everyone asking if they are on a set A,B,C system. I am not sure if they are doing that this tour, since inside the tour book The Big Money receives a video credit, so that song may show up at some point in the set. Additionally, I wouldent be surprised if the band is ready to play a different song from Moving Pictures every night.
  13. The fact that you think confetti is essential to a good time makes me think we would be awesome at a concert together! Only way to top it would be baloons. Well it wasn't just the confetti that made the concert awesome, that's just the bullet point of it. Yeah Balloons would be great, except if its in a smaller venue where the popping could disrupt the music for some. The Confetti though, there was 75 Pounds of it (or as they put it for my Canadian mind, a bit more than 30 kilograms). People were making snow angels in it after the show. Meanwhile on top of that, they also had a bubble machine, they did Q&A's with the audience while the stage hands prepped the stage for the next song. The front man did an acoustic song in the middle of the audience. They did a really good cover of Raw Dog despite it being completely out of their genre, and for the encore, they recreated a dance they did for one of their music videos live, they wore white jumpsuits and played white instruments that when black light was turned on would turn their clothes and instruments and...oh yeah, CONFETTI. There was so much, a couple pieces actually flew into my mouth throughout the night. If you ever get the chance to see OK GO (and you like alternative pop rock) go for it.
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