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  1. A track from "Hold Your Fire" definitely should have been played on this tour. "Turn the Page", "Lock & Key", and "Mission" would have all been great editions to the set! :)
  2. Yeah, there really should have been one inclusion from "Hold Your Fire". "Turn the Page", "Lock & Key", and "Mission" would have all been fantastic inclusions into this set! :)
  3. You're missing "The Main Monkey Business" and "Roll the Bones" as part of your first set. They shouldn't drop either one of those because A) MMB is the only instrumental in Set 1 and B) the RTB Celebrity Rap video is THE highlight of Set 1!
  4. I'd love "Afterimage" in a RUSH setlist, but there's already a good representation of "Grace Under Pressure" in the current R40 setlist, even though it's songs that have been played in concert during the last decade's tours. "Hold Your Fire" has been represented on tour from R30 to Clockwork Angels but only with 3 songs, and there's at least 3 other songs on that album that would sound great within this current setlist. RUSH needs to stop holding their fire! ;)
  5. OK, so we know that they have been dropping the extra "Clockwork Angels" song ("Clockwork Angels" or "The Wreckers") whenever they play "Losing It", but should they drop these extra rotating songs permanently in place of something else from their catalogue? I say, YES! The biggest gap in this tour's setlist is the gap in-between "Roll the Bones" and the Grace Under Pressure song. I wish they would add in a great "Hold Your Fire" track like "Turn the Page" or "Lock & Key". Hell, even "Mission" would be great in that spot. And then, when they come to cities where they will play "Losing It" with the violinist, they can drop this new 80s slot to make room for it. I wish they would do this from this point on in the tour or even if they decide to extend the tour into 2016. Hope Springs Eternal! :)
  6. I bet they will do "Losing It" tomorrow night for Chris Squire. I love "Afterimage", but I feel like we would have heard it already on this tour if they were going to play it at any point.
  7. great! that's exactly who I thought it was, just had trouble seeing it 100% clearly with the sunglasses and whatnot. :)
  8. Who's the guy with the Raiders cap, sunglasses, cards in hand, etc.? He's the only one I'm currently having trouble identifying...
  9. Here's what I'm hoping they do: 1) "The Anarchist" 2) "Clockwork Angels" (1st night only) 3) "Headlong Flight" 4) "Far Cry" 5) "The Main Monkey Business" 6) "How It Is" (2nd night only) 7) "Animate" 8) "Roll the Bones" 9) "Distant Early Warning" (1st night only) 10) "Losing It" (DUH; 2nd night only) 11) "Subdivisions" 2nd Half setlist follows 2nd night setlist as is Bonus tracks: "One Little Victory", "Between the Wheels", "Red Barchetta" What do you all think of this? It has both never played songs, 2 2nd half alternates ("YYZ"/"Natural Science") instead of just 1 "Red Barchetta", and it has the major "Grace Under Pressure" set piece included.
  10. R40 is the best RUSH tour I have ever experienced, and it would only be made better if they had included a song from "Hold Your Fire" in the set. :)
  11. Me too, but I'm not sure with all of the other songs that their stamina could handle it! ;)
  12. 1) "Jacob's Ladder" 2) "Xanadu" 3) "Hemispheres Prelude" Honorable Mention: "Cygnus X-1" It's really hard to pick favorites on this tour, because besides the above, I also really loved "Animate" and "Roll the Bones" during the first set, plus the encore is killer as well! :)
  13. One other thing. If they did a similar "Snakes & Arrows" rotation with "Far Cry" in sets A & C and one of the following in B ("Armor & Sword", "The Larger Bowl", "Spindrift", or "The Way The Wind Blows") that would make me very happy too! (PS I'd definitely leave "Animate" and "Roll the Bones" in with no rotations for those two.) :)
  14. Ok, so here's the rotations as follows: 1) "Clockwork Angels" (A, C) / "The Wreckers" (B) 2) "One Little Victory" (A. C) / "How It Is" (B) 3) "Distant Early Warning" (A, C) / "Between the Wheels" (B) 4) "Red Barchetta" (A) / "The Camera Eye" (B) / "YYZ & "Natural Science" © Only one out of this bunch that I wish wasn't rotatable would be "Distant Early Warning". Don't get me wrong. I LOVE "Between the Wheels", but I've never heard DEW at any of the RUSH shows I've been too, plus with the visuals, it seems to be more like a good set piece for this tour than BTW. Adding on top of that, I got BTW as part of the NOLA set when Alex's guitar failed to work for the first minute of it, and it kinda ruined the rest of the performance of that song for me. So anyway, that's my two cents on that rotation. The others are fine with me. Both "Clockwork Angels" and "The Wreckers" got performed every night on the Clockwork Angels tour, plus Time Machine tour had all of "Moving Pictures", so I'm fine with the rotations of those albums' songs. It would be neat to have "Natural Science" in all three set lists, but I don't know if it could fit in the allotted time for A & B with the lengthier "Moving Pictures" songs present. Discuss! :)
  15. Here's what I think could happen: Maybe a few South American shows this fall, followed by Europe and some more North American dates starting late Spring. And then that's it. No more R40 tour, and maybe no more Rush.
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