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    Time Machine Tour - SPAC
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    7/6/2002 at SPAC - The Vapor Trails Tour. What a show! I had seen Rush twice before and they were near the top of my favorite bands but this was the show that separated them from all other groups.
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  1. 100% agree with you. It disappoints me that they have not played more from this album when I have seen them over the last 10 - 15 years. This, and to a lesser extent Bad Animals, are my favorite Heart. Not a bad song on this album and when I listen to it I never, ever skip a tune.
  2. Plus shows in Albany pull in folks from western MA & VT. Trust me - I know that from experience. 100% agree again - strange.
  3. Yes - one other thing I did not mention was that I spent lot of $ at the show. One ticket at the door, $90. One T-shirt outside, another $40. One beer in the venue, another $19 (give me a break, fine with helping pay the salaries of the workers but thats robbery). Needed the beer though as I had puled some muscles in my back and even with some CBD and Tylenol my back was killing me. 4 T- shirts (2 Priest & 2 Sabaton) at the merch booth another $200. A signed copy of Sabaton's album at the merch booth another $75. Not complaining (much). I saved up and planned to spend this $. It was worth it (except the crazy cost of the beer - but even that was worth it in a way). Glad you liked the show as well.
  4. 100% agree with you. I would be ok with taking a train to NYC to see them but I would rather see them in Albany. No shows in NYS other than NYC? I talked with some folks at the Judas Priest show I went to tonight and some of them had heard of The Warning- another sign they are getting bigger and bigger (plus for those who had not heard of The Warning I told them to check them out on Youtube).
  5. Just listened to it and my initial reaction was "WTF is this? It sound like a blend of Symphonic Metal & Prog Metal with a few elements of folk metal tossed in" I 100% agree with what you said - it is incredible and yes, Floor is fantastic. This really has my interest.
  6. Just saw Judas Priest with Sabaton opening for them in Albany NY. Good Lord - what a show. My goodness. First off - Sabaton. I saw them a number of years ago opening for Nightwish in a small venue in NYC on the opening night of the Endless Forms Most Beautiful tour. At that point I did not know anything about Sabaton and was shock at how good they were - they killed it. Strangly I never really got into their music. I have one CD but don't listen to it much. That is going to have to change. I should like them as I am very interested by history and power metal is my cup of tea. I really need to find the time to give them a deep dive - both because I should like them, how much I liked their show years ago and the show tonight. They killed it. Every song they did was excellent and they really worked the crowed. Note - I went to the show by myself but then talked to a bunch of folks on the way out (I always do that - if you go to a show in Albany and some tall guy with a beard and glasses just strikes up a conversation it might be me) and everybody I talked with agreed Sabaton killed it and was way, way better than Queensryche who opened for Priest the last time they played Albany. On to the mighty Priest. Give me a break. Geepers creepers - they were ridiculously good. Just insane. Way better than their last tour in 2022. Better than when I saw them opening for Deep Purple in support of Firepower. Before that the last time I had seen them was on the Painkiller tour and this was much, much better than that (mind you, I dislike Painkiller as an album). Only time I have seen a better Priest show was on the Ram it Down Tour in 1988 - and that, to this day, is the 2nd best show I have seen (surpassed only by Rush on the VT tour). The set list included a lot of songs you would expect - The Hellion, Electric Eye, The Green Manalishi, Turbo Lover, Victim of Changes, (those 3 were not on the set list the last time they played Albany and I really like them so that was a welcome inclusion) Breaking the Law, Liven After Midnight, You've Got Another thing Coming, Painkiller (which was also not on the set list last time but since I don't like it - o, well, most folks were happy), Hell Bent For Leather. They did not play a ton off the new album - Crown of Horns got the biggest response of their new material (which is fine with me as I enjoy it). BTW - the version of Victim of Changes just had folks both going nuts and shaking their heads. I heard one guy go "Not f'ing possible! How how old is Halford and he just did that?" Then their was Love Bites - I am ok with the song. No problems but it not amoung my elite Priest songs but this version was insane. Just fire - no, radioactively glowing it was so hot. Plus they did Devils Child which is a favorite of mine and Halford killed it It was crazy - how the f was Halford doing what he did vocally? That is not an easy song to do. He may not have been hitting all the notes from the album but he was close - and its not 1982 any more. Crazy. Multiple time during the show my jaw just dropped and I said to my self "Good lord!!! Thats insane! What the f am I hearing?" Halford vocals were just incredible / ridiculous. Additional note - Ritchie Faulkner on lead guitar is just the reincarnation of Randy Rhodes. Its been said before but I will say it again - I can't think of another band that has received such a late career reinvigoration from the addition of anybody. He really should have been indicted in the Hall of Fame with the group. Crazy good show. Obviously I enjoyed it and Priest clearly still has a lot left in the tank if they want to keep going.
  7. Got the chance to listen to some music on youtube today. First up: Dream Theatre - Systematic Chaos Not really my cup of tea. Should be, but it just did not click for me. Parts were ok, parts just did not do anything for me. Next up on Youtube: Unleash The Archers - Phantoma Have been really looking forward to this album as I really like the group. Their last 2 albums (Apex & Abyss) were both killer. The first single off the album ("Green & Glass") did not impress me - at all. The next 3 singles they have released ("Ghost in the Mist", "Seeking Vengeance", & "Blood Empress") were progressively better. Turns out some of the best music on the album was not released as singles. Songs like "Buried in Code", "The Collective", "Gods in Decay" & "Give it up or Give it All" were all very good. "Give it up or Give it All" has a massive 1980's Heart vibe to it (odd for a power metal band that uses occasional death growls but hey, it works very well). Also, this is yet another concept album - similar to Apex & Abyss although not connected to that story line. As a result the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts. Plus their use of synths in some of the songs - which turned me off at first - actually works well with the storyline. Now that I understand what they are up to with the album I appreciate the singles much more. Gotta admit though that Green & Glass is still not really to my taste but it fits with the album. Give them credit - another concept album, Britany Slays amazing lead vocals, occasional death growls from one of the guitarists (normally I hate death growls but these work) and its clear they are working on expanding what they do and trying a few different things. Very good album. Totally worth listing to. As good as Apex & Abyss? Hmmm, not quite. But still very good. Will have to try to catch this group live at some point and keep following their music. Excellent group on the rise.
  8. IMO to say that the last album was not even bad is not accurate - for me its terrible. I just can't listen to it. Just hoping that this is somewhat more in line with their earlier work. From what a guy I work with told me the first song on the album is 8+ minutes in length. Sigh. Lets hope for the best.
  9. Its official - the new Nightwish album will be released September 20th with the first single being released May 21'st. Lets hope they can also recapture some of their past spitting like so many bands seem to have done this year (e.g. Priest, Saxon, Accept) and that its not a continuation of their last dud of an album
  10. Was watching some news tonight on youtube and The Rational National (who I was watching at the time) started talking about some dude named Macklemore and a new song he put out titled "Hinds Hall". He went through the lyrics and it sounded very good so I decided to check it out. Normally I hate rap & hip - hop but this was EXCELLENT. Tremendous protest song. Worthy of the late 1960's / early 1970's - sum's up much of my thinking about certain events in the world right now. Must have listened to it and watched the video at least a half dozen times. Dam good.
  11. For me its Rebel Yell. White Wedding is a relatively close second.
  12. 1. Iron Man 2. Paranoid 3. Sweet Leaf 4. Back Sabbath 5. War Pigs 6. NIB Hmmm after that I will have to think about it and get back to you. As I said elsewhere, not huge into their deep cuts.
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