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    Time Machine Tour - SPAC
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    7/6/2002 at SPAC - The Vapor Trails Tour. What a show! I had seen Rush twice before and they were near the top of my favorite bands but this was the show that separated them from all other groups.
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  1. Fiddler On The Roof with the original Broadway cast. Mom used to play this when I was a young kid. Still sort of fun after all these years.
  2. 38 Special - Tour De Force This album has 2 hits (If I'd Been The One & Back Where You Belong) both of which I crank up anytime I hear them.. Really like those songs. Side 1 also has 2 other songs that are ok (One Time For Old Times & See Me In Your Eyes). Side 2 I have historically skipped. Listened to it this time and it reminded me why I normally skip it. The songs on that side of the record do nothing for me. Overall its ok - due to side 1 and the strong songs on it.
  3. Triumph - Thunder Seven First off, this album has some of my favorite artwork of any album. Love the cover art. Then there is the saying on the record jacket: There are 10 thunders in the Wake: The Seventh Thunder is tribal man again. Where did that come from? Sounds like it should go with Robert Jordan's epic Wheel of Time series - but that did not start getting published for the better part of another decade. It so interests me but have never been able to figure out what is from (assuming they did not make it up). Does anybody know? The album has Spellbound & Follow Your Heart. Really like those songs and I crank them up anytime I hear them. For me they are classics. But there are a bunch of other good songs. They include: Rock Out, Roll On Midsummer's Daydream (a nice acoustic guitar solo) Time Goes By Killing Time There are a few songs that do nothing for me (like Cool Down) and which I will skip. Having listened to the album confirms for me that they still do nothing for me. But overall its a very good album.
  4. Heart - Heart Another album that is loaded with strong songs. Another album that also fits together so that I won't skip a song. At the time it had a number of songs that got airplay but I seriously felt basically every song on the album could have gotten airplay. Still do. Strangely, my dental hygienist (who is a big Heart fan) told me that the Wilson sisters don't really like this album and try to avoid playing many songs from it live. Pity. I did not see them on this tour but I did see them on the following tour and they played a ton of songs from it. Very good concert. Saw them on the following tour and then did not see them again for about 20 years. When I did they oped for Journey on one tour and Def Leppard on another. Both were very good shows but they confirmed what my hygienist told me - not many songs from this album. A real pity. My favorite Heart album by far.
  5. Next out of the moving box: Judas Priest - British Steel Two stone cold classics (obviously Breaking The Law & Living After Midnight) plus every other song is very strong. And they all fit together - ensuring that an album which would very strong on the merits of the individual songs is even better. Like Rush albums, the album is greater than the sum of the individual parts. A total classic. As good as Priest was in the 1970's I feel that it was with this album that Priest really became Priest (although they perfected their sound with Screaming For Vengeance IMO). BTW - which do I prefer, Breaking The Law or Living After Midnight? Depends if I am in the mood for something sweet or something with some protein. If I want to satisfy my musical sweet tooth then its Living After Midnight. If I want something with some musical meat (perhaps with a bit of paper sprinkled on it) then I prefer Breaking The Law. That song also fits very well with late 1970's / 1980 England and the bands roots. Overall, I think I prefer Breaking The Law more. But they are both great.
  6. Next out of the moving box: Grace Slick and The Great Society - Grace Slick and The Great Society I got this used in the early 1990's (the price sticker of $8.00 is still on it). For those who don't know, this was Grace Slick's band before she joined Jefferson Airplane and she originally recorded Somebody To Love and White Rabbit with them before rerecording them with Airplane. I remember I was not even aware of that history until one day I was talking with a very good friend (who passed away in 2006). I mentioned that I liked those songs by Jefferson Airplane and she suggested that I check out the original recordings. I was like "What are you talking about?". She proceeded to explain. Makes sense she would know - she was about 12 years older then me and liked that sort of music - I remember she loved The Doors who she had seen live in concert. Anyway, that got me looking for anything by Grace Slick's original band and I eventually found this album. As I have mentioned, I did a lot of record purchasing in the early 90's when everybody else was unloading their vinyl. My friend told me that the versions of those big hits were rather different with Grace Slick & The Great Society and she was right. The versions with Jefferson Airplane are more powerful. More forceful. I prefer those versions. That being said this album (which is double live album) is very, very interesting. Its been years since I pulled it out and I am glad I did. Grace Slick's voice is just amazing. Some songs are almost haunting in their beauty. The song Sally Go Round The Roses is very well done. As for Somebody To Love - I prefer the Jefferson Airplane version, but this version is still excellent. This is a real gem. Veery good album. Unfortunately it does not indicate exactly when or where it was recorded but I will assume San Fransisco. Has to be easy to mid 1960's. Sorry if I get long winded in some of these posts - I am having fun telling not just what I am listening to but also any history with the album and what I think of it. My apologies if I am boring anybody. Like I said, I am having fun with these posts.
  7. Damn Yankees - Damn Yankees This album has 3 big hits on it (Coming Of Age, High Enough & Come Again) which I always crank up when I hear them on the radio. The rest of the album I have not listed to for a long time. Pulling it out of the moving box and listening to the entire album reminded me why I don't often listen to it. Those 3 songs are wonderful. The rest of it - forget about it. None of the other songs do anything for me. I will stick to listening to those 3 songs and just them.
  8. Bad Company - Holy Water Not a big Bad Company fan. Their ok but I don't go wild for them. That being said when I listen to this album (which is not very often) I listen to the entire albumin don't skip anything.. With 3 exceptions the songs are basically just ok and nothing more. Even those 3 songs are really nothing great. They are decent, enjoyable and solid but not great. But this is an album that is much more than the sum of its parts. Somehow when I listen to it I really enjoy it. The individual songs (with those 3 exceptions) would not do much for me. Don't dislike them but I would not go out of my way to listen to them. But together everything fits together. As I have said, Rush were masters at this. Here, Bad Company pulled it off. BTW - the 3 songs I keep mentioning are the title track, If You Needed Somebody and Boys Cry Tough. I recall when this album came out in 1990 the first 2 got some airplay and I was surprised Boys Cry Tough did not get airplay as well. Full disclosure - I saw Bad Company on tour supporting this album twice. The second show was in Albany NY and it was ok. The first time was under a festival tent in Rochester NY and Bad Company and the band they played with that day (38 Special) put on the 3rd best show I have ever seen. Just a fabulous show with Bad Company going on first and 38 Special headlining although both bands played about the same time - so they were basically co-headliners. Both groups were awesome. Just magic. That being said, I already had this album before the show and already had come to the conclusion that I could not skip a song on it. Glad to hear that my feelings have not changed 30 years latter.
  9. Just found out that the former lead singer of Gloryhammer has an album coming out in April and on guitar he has a former guitarist with Frozen Crown. Sounds great!! Right now this is the album I am most looking forward to. Public Service Warning - If you watch the attached video released in support of the album you may want to take something to reduce your cholesterol levels in advance. The video is cheesier than the entire cheese case at my local supermarket. But I like the song!!
  10. Badlands - Badlands I think Badlands put out 2 albums and I have just this one. I sort of recall the song Dreams In The Dark getting some airplay and its decent. The last 2 songs on side B (Devil's Stomp & Seasons) are ok as well. Some oil the other songs have some ok moments. Nothing really special but some ok guitar work. Then again, it was Jake E. Leee's group so I would anticipate that. Interestingly the album was also produced by Paul O'Neill who produced some of Savatage's best work including Hall Of The Mountain King. Its ok overall.
  11. Ozzy - Killer of Giants This a one record boot of a show on the Bark At The Moon tour. Based on the title you might think it relates to Ultimate Sin tour but no - its clearly the Bark At The Moon tour. Frustrating that I can't tell exactly what show however. Also frustrating that Ozzy has a head cold (he mentions it) so it definitely effects his voice - the band and the crowd have to compensate. Still, that sort of makes it an interesting bit of history. Interesting but not thrilling boot.
  12. Nest out of the moving box: Triumph - Stages A double live album. By all rights I should like it - a lot. I was lucky enough to see Triumph on The Sport Of Kings tour in 1986 and it was an excellent concert. Defiantly a op 10 all time concert for me. Perhaps as high as # 4 or #5. It still ranks that high after all these years and I have seen a lot of shows since. Plus I like Triumph a lot. Good songs on this album. But somehow I am not really thrilled by the album. Why? Well, generally I find that I like live albums more if they are recorded at one show. This album was recorded over a number of shows during the Allied Forces, Never Surrender and Thunder Seven tours. I never like it when a band does that. In addition, they don't specify which songs were recorded on which tours. Obviously anything from Thunder Seven would have been recorded on that tour. But when and were? I like knowing and not knowing somehow always detracts from the album. Plus the way the album is recorded / mixed it feel like individuals songs with a crowd sound tacked on. At least to my ears. So the lack of a flow from song to song (which I would get if it was one show or at least recorded / mixed better) plus that little thing of not knowing when / where it was recorded just hurts it. The individual songs are ok. This is a case where the album is much less then the sum of its parts. Pity, I have some other live Triumph and thats very good. But this album is just a disappointment.
  13. 100% agree with you. Not only the stage presence - I would also add that nobody else in the band can hold the vocals parts that Maro used to handle. Troy handles some of them but its not the same. So Floor actually handles some of the vocals Marco used to handle. That puts even more of the spotlight on her. Makes what she does even more impressive but again, it has the effect of making it Floor and her backing band.
  14. Ozzy - Ozzmium Never heard of this? Its a 1 record boot of a show Ozzy did at the Montreal Forum on 7/31/81. Live Ozzy with Rand Rhodes. What not to like? Very good show.
  15. 100% agree with you about HN. I listed to it once and was like "yuck!". A friend of mine had warned me it was not good but his taste runs heaver then mine so I figured I would like it. No. Not at all. Also, agree with you about Endless Forms. I got to see them live in a small venue in NYC b4 I had even heard the album so my first exposure to the album was live. Fun show and then I listened to the album (which I bought at the show) and it confirmed for me that it was a very good album. Floor is fine with me. But I agree that the band is getting thin with the loss of Juka and now Marco. Competent replacements but thats all the replacement have struck me as - competent. Big holes that they just can't fill. So in that sense, yes, I agree that it is slowly becoming her and her backing band. A pity. In a way its very sad, but not a shock. Most bands have a creative life of about 10 years, at most. Its the very rare band that has a creative life that runs longer. A group might have a strong song or 2 (or album if very lucky) but the bulk of most groups creative genius is spent within 10 years. If they continue beyond the 10 years its often because there was a significant turnover and the additions brought in new ideas to the songwriting process (and live shows). Yes, there are groups that continue to put out very good music well beyond the 10 years (Rush is a good example) but they are the exception. Nightwish continued to do so (since their first album can out in 1998 their 10 years were up around 2008) but I would argue that (1) they are a bit of an exception and (2) even though Thomas does the vast bulk of the songwriting, the 10 year window was extended a bit due to the changes in lead singers. That forced changes which kept things creative / interesting. Not really Floors fault that she is with them as their natural creative life began to wane. At least thats my theory.
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