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  1. After That Night~Karen Slaughter snd Where Demons Dare~ Kim Harrison
  2. Just popping in to say hi from way back. Things are shitty what with Ukraine and Palestine but aside from that, hanging in there. I do miss old rush forum and friends from there. Also I’m not so negative and that comes from time and therapy. Any older trf peeps—hi 👋 tree duck, trout man and Jack Aubrey, sulky sue, 1001 and Michelle come to mind instantly…life is weird and I’ve let go of a lot of shit. Hoping this finds you all well 🩷 Well whatever… miss you all.
  3. Well its good to see the board is still active, bots or no bots.
  4. I came back here and thought yeah! Action! Then I read the damn thing and it's not an altercation at all. Just an exchange of words. Hell, that happens daily doesn't it? First world problems.
  5. The deuce you say! Wassup Jim?! Hi Polly! Well, they can delete me if they want............ but they'll never take away MY FREEDOMMMMMMMMMM!!!! Hey BSG How are you?
  6. I don't know if anyone has noticed, but I've gotten back into the habit of doing this again. Almost every day I go through the anniversaries and look at anyone who's been here seven or more years, and if they have zero posts and haven't logged in since around when they joined, they get deleted. We had over 13,000 members, and now we're down to 12.800. I know I don't want to go below 10,000, so at some point I will quit doing this. Thank goodness I made the cut. :cheers:
  7. :dweez: Sadly most people fall into the wife, three kids, big house and garage, law and order follow the lead sheep trap. I think because to survive in this world you end up conforming to it's "norm". It's quite difficult to continue to buck the trend. Tiring when you are a minority. Some get sucked into thinking they can change things from inside the institution. Sadly they mostly get mired in the crap. :codger: Thank goodness for people like your mom. She reminds us of our lofty ambitions when we were young and to keep trying. :dweez:
  8. Shit! Storm Doris is really being a downer.
  9. Took a leap and created a fbook page of my creations. Terrifying but lots of support so far.
  10. Why the hell are you up here in the North then? I love Cornwall and my aim is to live there. From a prairie girl to an ocean lover, just love it.
  11. Miss Penny has had several wobbling episodes. If it is what I think it is, it will be a very sad situation indeed.
  12. 11 years posting here. Commendable! I will always remember your helicopter riding and your job helping people. A genuine nice guy. Well done. Congratulations.
  13. Well do you? :P I suppose blocking would prevent someone from following you again and commenting on any of your pictures. I have small hands and size 7 feet but a big heart XXX I have bigger feet than you do! :P Me too! Are you ladies taking into account UK male sizes and converting it into US female sizes? I wear a 10 1/2 women's shoe, which is an 8 1/2 men's. Is there a difference in the UK? Yeah, there's a slight difference. But it still means that your feet ARE bigger. 8.5 US men's = 8 UK Size 8 in Canada is size 6 in the UK. That's women's shoe sizes. I assume the USA is the same as Canada.
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