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  1. Another new track called "Song Of I" featuring Sophie Hunger on vocals. https://open.spotify...q1ZLVQaBuz8jW6x (Sorry, Spotify's the only link I can get at the minute) EDIT: Video here: http://www.billboard...ilson-song-of-i
  2. A musician in a band local to me (called Altostratus) just released this cover a couple days ago of Haken's Earthrise. I think it's really well done. Cover: http://youtu.be/XuDKmRk-hAs Original:
  3. Awww! Isn't she just gorgeous?! She is lovely!
  4. I got front row tickets for his Newcastle show! I'm so excited for the new album and tour! I really like both the new songs he's released but I think I prefer Pariah thanks to Ninet's vocals.
  5. Hey Something a little different that I made for my Instagram story that I thought you might enjoy. It's my oldest, yet smallest, cat Charlotte :) http://youtu.be/SNhKurhi_yg
  6. I've got front row seats for Steven Wilson in March next year!! :D I'm really excited! I'll hopefully get to some more this year but I've not made any plans yet.
  7. This is the first one that comes to mind for me. Steven Wilson - Sign o' the Times (Prince cover)
  8. I only discovered this band a couple of days ago but I've already bought their album and must've played this song at least 20 times. It's quite far off what I normally listen to but I love the kind of cinematic and relaxing feeling. HÆLOS - Pray
  9. I've only really listened to Familiar Hell and the Bringer of Pain album but I love how catchy it is, I bet it was a great concert!
  10. Kind of similar, I saw this on the BBC question time leaders 'debate' a couple of days ago. It's only half a shirt but it was quite unexpected About 17:31.
  11. It's snowing... It's been absolutely gorgeous these past couple of weeks and it's snowing. I don't understand British weather.
  12. Hey you friendly guy! :hi: Your picture about pictures is awesome!! Thanks Verena! I don't think I've seen you around before but I hopefully will be doing :)
  13. Google "Royal Thunder" and try some songs. I think you'd love them! Burning Trees or April Showers are good starting points... Well, I can do a search on the internet for them. But I won't be using Google. It's curious how 'Google', the verb, has entered the vernacular. To me, it's just a company. Anyway, enough of my nonsense...okay, I'll look for it! Google is the most popular search engine in the world. Plus you've got gmail, google play and whatever else they've got their name in. So, it should be no surprise that the word has entered the popular vernacular. What search engine do you use and what do you have against using google? As for Mr. Rogers question, yes, i've been doing that with songs/bands when I hear them for many years now. When one company changes its privacy policy and it makes national headlines...I smell something fishy, that's all. That's what happened, five years ago, and I stopped right there. Yes, I'm aware of how omnipresent Google is. But the interwebs are certainly navigable without it. Bing and Ask Jeeves are also acceptable if you approve of their privacy policies. You could use ecosia.org which I think is based off of Bing. I use it occasionally and I think the idea behind it is pretty cool.
  14. I wanted a new profile picture for Instagram and I got this which I was really happy with. I don't usually like photos of me but I really like the layers in this photo.
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