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Los Angeles, CA Periscope Thread - August 1, 2015


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This is f***ing orgaamic.

So close to getting on a plane today...




If anything is better than sex, it's this concert.


If you or anyone else finds a concert by anyone to be better than sex, you're either having bad sex, if there is such a thing, or are just out of your mind.


You've never seen King Crimson have you?


No. Don't like their music either.

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If this is it, we are going out with a bunch of great folks this evening.


based on your signature, I was with you at a show in 2007 (Tampa), and again in 2012 in (Tampa) :cheers:

Party on Bro...

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This was the first Rush song I remember hearing and wanting to learn the words to so I could sing along. Riding along in my dad's car while this played...I was super young at the time. Very important song to me.


Loved seeing this on MTV (That's right!) on the midnight concert and video single back in the day. My early favorite!

You think they showed ESL at midnight cause MTV thought no one would watch it? :LOL:


lol - nah, they played single cuts from it all day in 1981/2. Also, recall the P/G premiere on MTV simulcast with radio stations (mine was PYX106 in Albany)


Spring of 1986 for Grace. Recorded it off the radio. One of the most booted Rush show's ever. Exit...was right up there too.

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When we're having withdrawals next week, can someone put on one of the concert DVDs and periscope it from your living room? Maybe progressively get drunk or have your wife get drunk and dance ala Bob's Girlfriend. TIA


Love this idea!

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Ladder. One of my favorites. Never gets old. Never.


Even sideways.

And Howard did a kickass job on the lights.


His best tour ever, IMO

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