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  1. Agreed. My hunch is that Neil kept a journal or personal blog of his battle with brain cancer over the 3.5 years. He was such an avid and gifted writer that seemed to have a passion for it. I’d be surprised if there’s not something. Whether it’s ever made public in any form is another story.... I bet your right. I'm sure he wrote a lot especially for his daughter.
  2. What album? the 2nd one..........In keeping Secrets yada yada Mick Aww man...I was going to recommend that one! Could you recommend a couple albums for me? I think I could like this band. To start: Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness And then: Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume Two: No World for Tomorrow (often just referred to as No World For Tomorrow) Thanks Segue Myles, I will check it out for sure!!
  3. What album? the 2nd one..........In keeping Secrets yada yada Mick Aww man...I was going to recommend that one! Could you recommend a couple albums for me? I think I could like this band.
  4. Thanks for sharing your Last Hurrah with us TRF members who didn't make it to the LA Forum; through your observations & skillful writing it made me feel as if I was indeed there. Loved the writing, LOVED the pictures, and Rush aside, I really dug the Charles Barkley quote. Thanks again and I hope there will be many more Rush concerts for you to review.
  5. So it seems they are predominant in the Bay area. I have a theory - just a gut feeling, no real reason for it - that most of these extreme, hard-core fanatic street preachers have an extreme, hard-core back story that they are trying to overcome. Perhaps ex-alcoloholics, drug addicts, or convicts, they need to overcompensate in order to get through the day and so are actually "preaching" to themselves and doing it more for themselves than for others. I like to think that it is only a stage in their spiritual journey and they will develop a more loving approach to reflect what is in their hearts.
  6. Hey, I was there at the Farmer's Union but I'm sorry I didn't see you. It wasn't the best place for a meetup because there was no big area for everyone to stand and mill about, and instead I saw people with Rush shirts scattered at different tables. I think I saw the preacher people outside the show, but I don't remember for sure. Wish I had met you there. I chatted a bit with "calirush" I believe he is a member of this forum. And that restaurant was nearly as hot as the one we met at in Seattle which surprised me. I guess restaurants consider air conditioning an unnecessary expense.
  7. What You're Doing - I was dancing to that one like I was 17 yrs old again. Much apologies to those standing near me.
  8. Except that they were preaching TO the mass of Rush fans ("you're going to burn in hell for listening to the devil's music", blah blah blah) I was hanging around for nearly an hour before the doors were opened so perhaps they decided to leave as their audience was pushing inside. Oh, and did you go to any of the meetups beforehand Robert? I had dinner at the Farmers Union with a table of new Rush friends which was lots of fun.
  9. Were there street preachers at any of the other venues? There were quite a few with their bullhorns and signs surrounding the SAP Center in San Jose. I couldn't help but be a little amused thinking about the huge scowl that must have been on Neil's face as he rode past them on his motorcycle. http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b325/ChowChowMa/concerts/IMG_1141_zpsoqzx3vvf.jpg http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b325/ChowChowMa/concerts/IMG_1142_zpstv2n0oiv.jpg
  10. I saw 3 shows and loved every minute of each one but here are the items that made each show unique, personal and memorable to me: Seattle -- meeting up with fellow fans before the concert and finding that complete strangers can indeed be long awaited friends San Jose -- NATURAL SCIENCE!!!!! my all time favorite! Las Vegas -- watching Alex sit off-stage drinking bottled water and chatting with (I assume) his guitar tech while Neil & Geddy were doing their solos. I had the aisle seat of Row 12 so Alex was only about 20 feet (?) in front of me and am still surprised that security left the gate open to back stage.
  11. Yeah, Geddy said "what a surprise". That's a huge statement!!
  12. OMG! Neil came out front, first time I've seen that!!
  13. I like this Working Man so much better than the last couple of tours.
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