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  1. More women than you think. And probably a few men too.
  2. Very sorry for your loss. Our loved ones are truly irreplaceable.
  3. Been waiting for Victor II for a while now.... Yes, that would be great. Wonder if he's thinking about it?
  4. Toss up...my four absolute favorites by him are Here Comes My Girl The Waiting Change of Heart American Girl
  5. Would love to see Alex get himself a small, talented group of musicians together and do a small club tour. Can play some Rush, some of his solo stuff, and some classic favorites. Ultimately I hope he puts out more new music.
  6. But did he shag more women than Gene, that's the real question. :P
  7. I like their hits. I don't know their deep cuts.
  8. I'm also going with Permanent Waves. I am not sure if he couldn't do the shrieky voice thing anymore or if he just didn't because the music no longer called for it.
  9. RFO is awesome. Ryche is my 2nd favorite band behind Rush. And by the way, loved Criss Oliva and Savatage too. I had tickets to see them on October 23, 1993. f**k f**k f**k. My list would include Randy Rhoads. Another amazing young guitarist taken way too soon.
  10. DR: Geddy, your first album was released during the Nixon regime. How do you feel about Gerald Ford pardoning him over Watergate? GL: Er, what? DR: Your most popular record was released during the Reagan Administration. Don't you think Reagan should have been executed for Iran/Contra? GL: Uhh..... DR: Did despair over the Bush 41 regime lead to the recording of Presto without a bass guitar, or that God-awful rapping skeleton on Roll the Bones? GL: I never thought about that... DR: During your triumphant return in 2002, were you aware George W.Bush was snorting coke in the Oval Office and paying off witnesses who could verify he dodged service in Viet Nam? I have proof. GL: Neil gave him the coke. DR: Now enjoying your retirement, how do you feel about the current great embarrassment of America? GL: I thought she looked like an old hag on Anderson Cooper. Build that wall baby! And we want one on our side too! :rfl:
  11. I'm so sorry, Lucas. I feel a special kinship to you after reading that because my mother is also currently 86 years old, and I have to say, in recent months I find myself being so sad because I know what's to come. I know we can't dwell on what we can't change and that "it is what it is" but I feel so fortunate to still have her. She is my best friend in life and nobody loves me the way she does. I truly hurt for you.
  12. Hope is a beautiful piece of acoustic guitar work. Turn in your RUSH fan card.
  13. They look like they fit just fine to me.
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