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  1. I was 14 when Music From The Elder came out, and at that point, I had been a KISS fanatic for 6+ years .. At that point, Eric Carr had just joined the band, and KISS was coming off their first tour of Australia - a tour in which they introduced Carr and his double bass kit and heavier style ... Coming off Dynasty in 1979 ( I Was Made For Loving you ) and Unmasked in 1980, KISS had made it clear that the next album was going to be a return to their heavy rock and roll sound .. The shows in Australia saw KISS bringing back a lot of the ALIVE! era songs into the set, and with all those things lined up, KISS fans were hoping for a return to the heavy KISS .. Especially considering that since their last good/heavy album - Love Gun - seemed a distant memory in 1977 .. By that point KISS had lost a lot of their original fans and most of those remaining were young -- I was 14, and the days of the big kids who drove the 1972 Dusters and Barracudas who liked KISS were over ... It was kids my age and younger .... I admit that I was disappointed when I first heard it ... It was also disappointing because here you had a new, heavy drummer - a kid who was younger, or at least appeared to be - and they didn;t put him to good use ... And it proved to be the final album for Ace, as he thought the entire things was ridiculous ... I like the album now ... I don;t know if I would call it a great album - it has some very cool moments and songs, and I appreciate what they were trying to do more now than when I was 14 .... Only You/Under The Rose, The Oath and Mr Blackwell are my favorites, and I think each one of those songs are excellent . .
  2. .. and this is why I prefer to spend time with dogs rather than most people
  3. Zumbi, what a fantastric pup - Simmy looks like a great friend .. How did you find her ??
  4. This thread is more entertaining than a lot of the acts mentioned .. that said, prog fans are some of the most musically clueless people on the planet
  5. In The Mood For Love ... absolutely gorgeous movie .. I might even say "perfect" Maggie Cheung, my goodness ..... one of the best performances I have ever seen - and without all the usual hysteria that I tend to gravitate towards
  6. That's one I need to see ... William Friedkin had a run of some really good movies
  7. oh please no offense to LABT, but he doesn;t even remember the name of the Nuge song And I'd wager money that anyone who voted for Madhouse hasn;t listened to it in 30 years . .
  8. Jet is one of my favorite songs from the 1970s, which is saying a lot The memories that are linked with that song go beyond my usual long winded responses, but there are only a handful of songs that are in the JET league for me Sorry Zig Jet Wins ..
  9. Happy Thanksgiving Two room clearers The Isle is one the best movies I have seen in ages .. I didin;t always agree with Roger RIP Ebert, but he nailed it on The Isle Most people choose movies that provide exactly what they expect, and tell them things they already know. Others are more curious. We are put on this planet only once, and to limit ourselves to the familiar is a crime against our minds. .. and The Exorcist William Friedkin ... The French Connection, Boys On The Band The Exorcist, Sorcerer, and Cruising in less than a decade
  10. Ditto to all of the above, and of course, the finer things in life
  11. Female Prisoner Scorpion : 701 The real deal .. One of my all time favorite movie characters .. It's an exploitative, vengeful work of art, and the follow-up is even better
  12. - Roy Orbison - Isao Tomita - Patsy Cline - SRV - Chuck Berry
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