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  1. Just checking in. Stunned like everyone else. May be the saddest I've been at the death of a non-relative. Some others have posted some eloquent statements. I've got nothing.
  2. You know who's really underrated in this fictional character battle type thing? Nightcrawler. He could teleport them into space where they couldn't breathe then teleport back to Earth. Of course, this wouldn't work against every fictional character, but damn if he couldn't do some damage!
  3. Holy Shit! I read halfway through this thread before I realized it's nearly 12 years old! Anyway...there are some songs I'm not that crazy about *cough-Dog Years-cough*. But the only song that really drags for me is Ceiling Unlimited. "Winding like an ancient river, this song never ends..."
  4. You’re as much an acid fiend as I am. The acid reference goes back 20 years to when I was living in Portland. My old flatmate’s cousin Boyd used to come over to the crib and check out all my & my flatmate’s action figures which I had meticulously arranged on top and inside some of the kitchen cabinets. It was like a museum. I had the characters set up to where they were posing, fighting, f***ing, whatever. The 3 of us would spend hours standing in the kitchen looking at it all, drinking beers, talking about music & movies & sports...(and a little herb but that’s as hard as we got). But yeah, Boyd would always find some new action figure that I had posed differently and say to us (but mainly directed at me because I was the one who set the figures up): “YOU GUYS ARE ON ACID!” That phrase has stuck all these years whenever my old flatmate and I contact each other. I always took it as a sort of term of endearment and you probably should to. Matter of fact, I used to say “You’re on acid” to Tick any time I thought he had some crazy/funny post...which was often. The only reason I don’t anymore is because he’s just not around these days. Amazing story. I didn't know and I totally get it. I am that guy. No wonder we are friends. Drinking beers, talking about music, movies and sports. I live for that man. But I don't touch that weed stuff. Yuck! Kind of ironic, I only drink beer. I've never done cocaine in my life and I bet many strangers on here who read my shit think I'm on it. LOL What is that cliche? "The pen is mightier than the sword." Heck I even think of "Different Strings" when I write on here. "Making arrows out of pointed words." Whatever. It's just writing in public. Yes, I know I'm R Rated. Well, such is life. Love you JB! Did you get my fuckking cd yet???????? LOL Man! I think if you ever did coke, your mind would literally (and yes, I know the meaning of that word) explode! Me? I've never been caught doing it.
  5. Neil had mental as well as physical issues. The sooner we fans accept that, the better. Overcoming and moving ahead meant more to 2/3 of Rush. But they were a brotherhood. What can you do?
  6. I'll just say this: the man who played drums on 2112 didn't need lessons from ANYONE!
  7. If two rock albums like PW and MP were ever produced back-to-back, I'll turn gay and open all my orifices
  8. Another vote for PW as the greatest. I read Steve Gett's "Success Under Pressure" many moons ago. I qoute: "In Grace Under Pressure", they had succeeded in producing a near perfect Rush album." Now, GUP is fine and all, but compared to Waves...no sir. Two albums are close: 2112 and Moving Pictures, but I don't believe either combined the musicianship and raw energy like Waves. Every song hit you emotionally and with the "holy shit" of their musicianship. 2112 and Pictures were very close. Then, until Vapor Trails was released, they didn't come close.
  9. What are you talking about? Vitale is a PTPer (Prime Time Player), baby!
  10. It's a good series! It was made by Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen; the guys who went on to do "Beyond the Lighted Stage." There are some classic moments in it. I loved when they are talking with Iron Maiden about the naming of their mascot. "Of course we 'ad to name him Eddie! He's an 'ead! Awesome series! Coheed & Cambria deserve their own show. You Rush fans that haven't listened to them? You're cheating yourselves.
  11. Gotta say, I love Rush's whole discography, but their early stuff is sooooooooooo f***ing underranked. These blistering opinions are aided by a little vodka...so be gentle.... Okay...that's not true..a good deal of vodka.
  12. Gotta say, I love Rush's whole discography, but their early stuff is sooooooooooo f***ing underranked. These blistering opinions are aided by a little vodka...so be gentle....
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