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  1. This started out as a blown play but worked out well in the end. Who knew Butkus could catch so easily? Also, check out the announcer and the score at the end.
  2. Fordgalaxy

    Stalker alert!

    He generally interviews people from the entertainment industry. A couple of weeks ago he had Adrian Belew on, and last week he talked to Sigourney Weaver. Not trying to talk you into listening, but he's not part of the typical bloviating horde (excellent band name).
  3. Fordgalaxy

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    Here's what Maron had to say about the situation. I find it odd that you don't know who he is because before that failed actor Rogan got so popular, he (Maron) had the most popular podcast on the airwaves and has some very famous people, including Obama, on his show. While waiting to get on the plane at the gate I realized the guy in the hat was Geddy Lee of Rush. Now, I grew up with Rush. There was no way to avoid Rush in my teen years. I was not a Rush guy. I have said as much for years. Though after I watched the doc about them there was really no way for me to not, at the very least, respect them. True originals. So, again. I was in an awkward position. I didn’t want to say anything to him because it would be disingenuous. I didn’t want to take a selfie because I don’t really do that. So, I just looked at him when I got on the plane and watched two flight attendants try to strap his bass into a seat. Yes, it has its own seat. We were both in first, as was the bass. He was directly in front of me walking off the plane so I took a pic of the back of his head. After thinking about it hard and wondering if it was intrusive and wrong I decided it was funny and I posted it on IG with a somewhat snarky paragraph about it. I did give Mr. Lee the praise and respect he deserved. He responded in the comments! I shared a story with him about the time I worked for a caterer that catered the Rush show in Albuquerque in the late seventies. Alex requested a fan for his dressing room so my boss sent me a half hour away to his house to get him a fan. I resented the whole band since. Geddy responded again and thanked me for Alex. It was all very funny. Apparently Geddy had no issue with it.
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    Just over a year ago.
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    Stalker alert!

    Geez, some of you people are awful protective of a guy who doesn't know, nor care who the heck yo are. I get a weekly electronic newsletter from Maron and the reason he didn't talk to him was because he didn't feel comfortable doing so. He also saw Stuart Copeland in the Air Canada lounge and he didn't feel comfortable talking to him either. By the way, if you're in a public place, you are subjected to all manner of photos being taken. Some you know about and some you don't. Grow up.
  6. One of the most iconic women in country music has gone to the great honkey tonk in the sky. She was 90.
  7. Who knew they made a Chevelle hatchback? (no one, heavily modified this one is)
  8. That will be his second head injury, and likely concussion in 4 days, but the Dolphins claimed his injury last Thursday was his back. I've never seen someone take a hard hit, get up and stumble around like they were drunk because of a back injury. I'd bet they lied to keep him in the game and now, according to head injury experts, he may have permanent injury. There's video footage or still pictures of his fingers spasming and going in different directions as he was on the ground which is a classic sign of concussion. If it turns out he was also concussed on Thursday, the Dolphins should get a seriously huge fine, at least.
  9. I'm neither a Cowboy fan nor hater, but with a QB named Cooper Rush, they get a little more likeable. He's playing pretty well too.
  10. Sometimes these early season games are fun to watch, like last week with the several upsets, but sometimes I almost feel bad for the losing team if they're getting their butts kicked like Nebraska is against OU. I guess gone are the days when that was a marquee matchup.
  11. Notre Dame fit'n to be oh and two, with one loss under the scowl of touchdown Jebus.
  12. As long as he doesn't need an asterisk by his name like Bonds, McGwire, and Sosa do, good for him.
  13. Had plans to see them with Armored Saint and Grim Reaper a long time ago but ended up staying home and playing Trivial Pursuit with friends and family. Should have gone to the concert.
  14. I didn't realize until today that their highest charting single was New World Man. I would have guess it was something from Moving Pictures.
  15. Probably Mike Portnoy and any band he's a part of.
  16. Not anymore. Danny Carey now fills the #1 position.
  17. Even Ke$ha? She looked to me like she was very high and she didn't fit the tone of the other performers, imo.
  18. I've never been a fan of sparkling whatevers and I suspect the White Claw era will be looked upon as wine coolers are now. Great for frat boys and sorority girls who wake up with someone they don't know nor what they did.
  19. This could also be in the :"What made you laugh" thread, but it fits here too. Moments after conceding defeat, Palin said she would remain in Alaska to watch Mikhail Gorbachev’s funeral.
  20. Reading that Sarah Palin lost the election she was in.
  21. He was a great quarterback and had a Super Bowl ring to show for it. He was 87.
  22. They also decided to remove the Bible which is absolutely horrifying. How are those children going to learn morals and being kind and peaceful and accepting others of different faiths and beliefs?
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