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  1. Just started the second season of this. The first season was great and this one is starting out the same.
  2. Even if the odds were worse than they are, coaches would still do it because the alternative is a guaranteed loss. The one's that are ridiculous are when a team is down 12 or 15 points with 30 seconds and they make a bucket and immediately call a time out. Sometimes I wonder if the coaches feel pressure from an AD to try something instead of letting nature take it's course, as it were.
  3. Cold AF. The weather guessers screwed the pooch yesterday and predicted anywhere from half an inch to "maybe" one inch. Final official total, 10.8. Now it's going to be in the teens for next two nights and the roads will be sheets of ice on the way to work.
  4. What did the Buddhist say to the hotdog vendor? Make me one with everything.
  5. You ain't kidding. When Mr. Face Stomper is telling you to chill, you need to chill.
  6. They Call Me Trinity (1970 version)
  7. Sharon would beg to differ. I don't think he's physically capable of it.
  8. Kate Bush Sheryl Crow Missy Elliott Iron Maiden Joy Division/New Order Cyndi Lauper George Michael Willie Nelson Rage Against the Machine Soundgarden The Spinners A Tribe Called Quest The White Stripes Warren Zevon I think Kate Bush got a huge boost from Stranger Things but still doesn't belong and neither does A Tribe Called Quest or The White Stripes, imo. For me, this year's inductees should include, Iron Maiden, Joy Division/New Order, George Michael, Willie Nelson, RATM, The Spinners, and Warren Zevon. What would be your choices?
  9. Felt bad for the 49'ers but that was some no class, sore loser crap there at the end.
  10. Maybe a little premature, but I think it will happen.
  11. There's actually going to be a Schoolhouse Rock "sing along" with celebrities on ABC this coming week. I won't be watching.
  12. But there is only one Wink Martindale and he didn't coach for the Giants.
  13. There's new info that he may have been a drag queen in Brazil.
  14. I-10 for the win. Not a bad drive this time of year and Texas is about half of it (and it may be depending on where you're going in Florida).
  15. Why do you pull up in valet parking in your Benz that is rented, fronting on your cellular phone that doesn't work? Why?
  16. Why are you making those mean faces in your videos with the fish lens effect? Why?
  17. Why does it cost $3 more (literally) to fly non-stop to Denver than it does with one stop to Colorado Springs that goes through Denver on a one way ticket?
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