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  1. Still just gutted by this. So, so sad. It has helped, lurking here this weekend, until I could remember my password!
  2. Holy shit, I hadn't seen those before! That is so amazingly wonderful! Wow! I can't wait for the R40 DVD to come out so I can see what else I've been missing. Howard is the man. You know the YBG wrote an article about him ;) I would love for a bonus feature on the DVD to be a static long shot like that simply to show off the wonder that is Howard's lighting design.
  3. I saw a guy get a tat on his sternum once. He was skin and bones, to boot. That has to have hurt in an unreal way.
  4. Best part of the show is hard, but Xanadu did it for me every time. Best suprise I'd give the slight edge to Prelude with vocals over WYD.
  5. So the first album wasn't Rush? Frankly, if they had continued on with Rutsey, I doubt I'd know them at all. But, fine, if you insist, it also works this way: If it ain't Neil or John, Alex, and Geddy, it ain't Rush.
  6. If it ain't Neil, Alex, and Geddy, it ain't Rush.
  7. Only saw one pre-1985 concert myself, GUP at the Astrodome. Sound was atrocious, but I didn't care. It was Rush, and there were lasers! Honorable mention: I saw the PoW tour in January of '86, so that almost falls in the time period you asked about.
  8. Cool, crisp weather always reminds me of Rush. In the '80's, they were always touring during the school year. So, it seemed like we always got new music and a show in the fall or winter.
  9. Couldn't disagree more with the interpretations of Neil's behavior. He looked choked up to me. Ya'll make it sound like he flipped everyone off as he left.
  10. Yeah, right. Like I believe that. :D
  11. Merely Space

    This is nice

    Wow. That was really cool. Reminded me of Spalding Gray, but less depressed. Who was that guy?
  12. I think it's a little rough, but there are some great moments. It's fun watching them learn to do what they end up doing so incredibly well later on.
  13. I would love to scope the Stones, but I'm sort of afraid I'll end up watching someone die onstage.
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