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Finally official Setlist (spoiler)


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I am sorry to spoil all Rushians around but this is the official setlist



1. R40 Overture

Working Man/ By tor & Snow Dog/ necromancer/ something for nothing/Cinderella Man/ Circumstances


First Set



The Spirit of Radio

Stick it Out



Peaceable Kingdom

The Anarchist


The Trees

Prime Mover

Far Cry

The Larger Bowl


Second Set


Tom Sawyer


Headlong Flight

Distant Early Warning

Jacobs Ladder

Red Sector A

Drum Solo

The Garden

Clockwork Angels





2112 Part I: Overture

2112 Part II: The Temples of Syrinx

2112 Part VII: Grand Finale



You might wonder the source ...ha?

how do I know?

Well is not that I am neighbor of Alex or any B.S.

This is the result of a serious investigation that took me 3 months of research, 25 years of fandom and countless shows

dont hate me

Spare me the order but this is 90% accurate (wanna bet? I take 100 usd each match)

I was kind enough to live not one or two but 4 free spots for your restless dreams of youth

you can wet your moustache thinking Test for echo, The weapon, Scars!

But honestly they will fill it with:

-More bubba & lerxts solos

- "take a piss and re-fill your beer" songs like: bravado or the pass (as usual)

And some wrong choice song like: freewilly, wish them hell, xanax-du or closer to the heart attack.

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Happy April 1! To play mostly repeats from last 10 years is silly, especially considering the old school drum set. Nice catch above.
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my first post on here in a long long time....


to simply say, the setlist above is complete bs....


you didn't even factor in the spoiler of the multiple drum kits being used.....


I remember you from the CA tour! You are the #1 Rush fan. I never forgot that! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

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Well I like my wish set list much much better and I am still not happy with it because it cuts out too many awesome songs (still in refinemnt btw lol) but a way better hope to hear that than this impo, eventhough there are some awesome songs here also... Truth is I will be happy whatever the final decision will be made by the Boy's. Can't happen soon enough if you ask me.
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