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  1. Like everybody else just in shock about it RIP
  2. Wonder if he introduces himself as a retired drummer when he meets new people.Or only his kid does that
  3. If Trevor Horn was singing with them would definetly go even though without CS it would be a little of a bummer too
  4. I laugh at the whole my daughter introduces me as a retired drummer What did he do at night whisper that phrase in her ear all night while she slept
  5. This dude reminds me of the Psychiatrist from Metallica's Some Kind Of Monster
  6. Having a camera ready was not a spur of the moment decision. We won't for sure until someone asks him. Interested to see the 1st post tour interview with Alex or Geddy
  7. Did he ever come out at the end of any other tours?
  8. Who the f**k cares? Go ask for a refund if you feel cheated
  9. If they do residency shows later on sucks for the fans who cant afford to travel which I think are most of us
  10. Trailer Park Boys=Instant win No Jack Black = Double instant win
  11. Should do YYZ and play the bass run for Tempus Fuget during his bass lines
  12. So many great bass lines by him
  13. Wish they would'extend the tour A Clevland date a quick trip from Buffalo would be perfect
  14. You want to get a response tell him hes not very good and needs to take lessons
  15. Dont put the song title in thread they will find you and cut your pinky off
  16. I think so you can embed and send cant do it on my nextbook but can try and pm you when I get home
  17. Oh I see if you dont agree with everybody bout a song you cannot say anything Nice have to remember that
  18. That song live or not is not getting any radio play And ladies dont want to here a song about aging
  19. Still dont see what the big deal is with this song rather they play Digital Man
  20. RUSH Roadtrips 2015 ‏@RUSH_Roadtrips 20h20 hours ago I have a dozen reasons to no longer believe LA is the end of this tour. More details to come.... Eventually. @RUSH_Roadtrips Is this providing hope for European fans, or Stateside fans? Either way, would be great news. Tour too good to end so soon Expanded
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