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  1. Good comment. The sub par production won't stop me from liking it.
  2. The guitar reminds me of Alex's solo LP Victor.
  3. He may have been losing his high shrill voice starting in 1977 but to me that is when he developed his more mature yet still strong voice into the late eighties. To me, this development was an improvement in his vocals and should not be looked at as a decline.
  4. By Alex and especially Neil showing more enthusiasm about future live performances by the band or at least recording.
  5. I like the way it builds momentum, great Christmas song.
  6. Subdivisions is as popular as SOR and should always be played. Less popular than TS, although I don't know why.
  7. You know, this is the first I am even hearing of this cover. So I went to YouTube intending to listen and to read the comments (which I already knew would be priceless). I just could not get myself to hit that "play" button, but the comments were pretty funny. :) It was the worst Rush cover I've ever heard. It sounded like the theme music to some shitty 80s teen tv drama...especially the "freeze this moment..." part: I imagined the crappy, teeny bop actors/actresses giving their signature pose smiling to the camera as their real names flash. The singing sounds like chipmunks, otherwise it might have been ok.
  8. My favourites after seeing them live were Jacobs Ladder, Xanadu, TMMB, Cygnus X-1 (especially the last 1.5 min.) and Animate. A special mention to Losing as it sounded great on video. Seeing it live must have been something.
  9. If I had never heard the song before, which version would I like better, Dinklage's for sure. The history of it doesn't make it any less enjoyable listening to Dinkage's version over Mink's, however, I can see how others' expectations might affect what they enjoy.
  10. I liked both but to me, Dink's was more enjoyable to listen to so I hope his gets put on the CD. I think they recorded the Newark version.
  11. There's a poll for this question further down. Oops a bit late on my reply.
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