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  1. No one has mentioned Brian Howe? That guy has amazing voice. One of the best rock singers ever, imho. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AMKtiS6UEQ[/media]
  2. Overrated: None Underrated: Red Tide, Turn the Page, Prime Mover, Manhattan Project
  3. Subdivisions performed by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8KWcrbGkII
  4. Amazing numbers. There aren't many bands and artists anymore who could fill all those buildings.
  5. More numbers are up: Tried to edit my initial post and add these there but can't. Doesn't make any sense. Double date: Air Canada Centre, Toronto ONT Attendance: 14,182/14,182 (Gross: $1,270,992) SELLOUT Air Canada Centre, Toronto ONT Attendance: 14,182/14,182 (Gross: $1,270,992) SELLOUT Bell Centre, Montreal PQ Attendance: 13,024/13,024 (Gross: $939,304) SELLOUT Madison Square Garden, NY Attendance: 13,554/13,554 (Gross: $1,507,393) SELLOUT Amalie Arena, Tampa Attendance: 13,435/13,923 (Gross: $1,176,535)
  6. 15-year old girl Stina drumming Tom Sawyer. Good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C00BpiE52mM
  7. Yeah it's this one. Pretty damn good and original way to perform the song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4vd9OVLO7Q
  8. Marathon Middletown Dreams The Garden Between The Wheels Subdivisions Time Stand Still Manhattan Project The Analog Kid The Camera Eye Natural Science
  9. Me too dude. It's making me crazy. What do we do? Wanna come down to Goatnut and play GI Joe? Become a Stones fan. They're not going to quit anytime soon. PS: Here's the latest photo of Mick Jagger. http://www.theemailadmin.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/old-man-no-teeth.jpg
  10. Moon was a great drummer. But I think Pete Townshend is the Who. I'm in my mid-30's so I can't say anything about the "good old days" with Keith... but Simon Phillips 1989 was a good stunt. They performed Tommy with a big band... Phillips on the drums... loved it. Kenney Jones was shit though.
  11. This. Is. Good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWOuzYvksRw
  12. Presence is a good album... a band like Zep has never made a bad one. Achilles is among the best songs Zep ever recorded... .but in their catalog is among the worst as an ALBUM, imho. Coda has its moment (Bonzo's Montreux, Wearing and Tearing) but that's their worst. Presence close second. PG isn't all that great, either. Why? It's called.... "music taste". :D
  13. Tea For One is hugely overrated. Funny how ITTOD is regarded as a keyboard-dominated album, but at the same time it has some of Jimi's greatest guitar solos: In the Evening, South Bound Saurez, I'm Gonna Crawl...and All My Love takes the silver medal for tackiest keyboard solo in rock history, with Light My Fire taking gold by a landslide. You know... Led Zep was my "first band". I worshipped them. Still do. They moved to "progressive waters" with ITTOD and tried something new. They experimented with a lot of interesting stuff. That era tried to take rock music one step forward... but then came punk and took it 20 years backwards. Album like ITTOD was bound to get bad reviews... using synths was a major no-no... Tom Scholtz even recorded Third Stage (great album tho) 100% without synths... it was something to brag about. Ridiculous. Somehow I've always felt that ITTOD has some similar elements as Moving Pictures. Can't put my finger on it... but it represents the same era of rock music. MP of course is much more complete album... but as a lifelong Zep fan I always thought that Rush's 80's albums continued where Zep ended. When Rush took the keyboards away they lost their magic... when they came back with CA (songs like The Garden) the magic was back. Big time. Also... the Presence sucks (besides Achilles of course) partly because the material isn't that great... partly because JPJ's keyboard have been mixed so "behind everything". It would have been interesting to hear more keyboard-oriented Zep albums. Probably doesn't make any sense but I wrote it anyway. :D
  14. Excellent, underrated album. Fool in the Rain and Carouselambra are great. Even Hot Dog is funny rockabilly. Better album than Presence, which has only one great song (Achilles). Tea For One, for example, is boring as hell.
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