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  • Birthday 07/03/1986

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    United States—Iowa
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    Social Work, audiophilia, Ged's beautiful everything, and of course Rush.

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    June 12, 2015 Chicago, IL
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    Beatles, Tom Petty, John Lennon, ELO, etc.
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    guitar (just in the beginning stages though)
  1. G Lee

    Geddy's on fire!

    I don't know . . . isn't the flame usually blue? Not when you're a badass like Ged who eats Red Hots drenched in Goldschlager for breakfast every morning.
  2. G Lee

    Geddy's on fire!

    (And this picture seriously belongs in the Geddy is HOT thread like none other before it .)
  3. G Lee

    Geddy's on fire!

    Nah, he just ripped the big one. It happens, you get old, you get gassy :ebert: .
  4. Happy Birthday Ged and may it be a total badass blast :D! http://i850.photobucket.com/albums/ab69/nekolennon/Ged%20video%20game.jpg
  5. I have the feelings of minor regret that I wasn't able to see Rush before this year. But that's not a new problem because most of the bands I love don't tour anymore or had their golden age way back when. Tom Petty still tours and is very on top of his game thank god ;).
  6. I would love if the guitar went on longer, but I still totally dig Different Strings.
  7. G Lee

    My Favorite Headache

    I've had and been listening to the album for about a week and have really been enjoying it overall :).
  8. I wonder if they enjoy the YBG? They're avid subscribers.
  9. You got me, I'm Ged's third cousin's accountant. I tried to hide my tracks brilliantly by starting a Ged hater's thread here. The jig is up .
  10. ^^ No shit. The bathrooms are another problem area. You know, because logically sinks, toilets, and showers self clean like ovens :P.
  11. ^^ Yup, dishes are always an issue, but the new roommates are a little better than my last ones. It's even more comical that this problem is ongoing since our house has a dishwasher, lol.
  12. My roommates are dumbasses. One didn't make sure the screen door was closed, again, and let my cat out. I don't ask much from them, but Jesus that seems like a simple request to honor. Especially since they hardly clean anything. I get tired of having to ask people repeatedly for simple shit. I need my own f***ing place because no matter how many new roommates I get, they always seem to have problems with these 2 things. Blah!
  13. G Lee

    Fountain of Lamneth

    Thank you! i should have said in my area. It may have been around earlier. I used to love them, but they stopped selling Ambergris and Civet. I guess they weren't big sellers. Anyway, that is why I guess Neil mentioned it in Panacea. Actually, ambergris is a substance produced in the digestive system of sperm whales and civet oil is a glandular secretion from the Civet cat. Both were used in perfumes. Ambergris is illegal for use in the US because of the endangered species act, while I believe Civet oil might still be legal. It wasn't yet illegal in 1972. I know because i owned a bottle of each one. They both had beautiful scents. Jovan put them out. Not sure when they made it illegal, Wikipedia just said it was now.
  14. G Lee

    Fountain of Lamneth

    I always laugh when I hear this sung because of Geddy saying in BTLS that most of the lyrics on COS sound like they were all really stoned while writing the songs and then this lyric was played along side the comment :P.
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