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  1. Who is the better violinist : Ben Mink or JD? Who played Losing it better? I think JD did a better job....he seems more into it, younger, bigger fan, probably practiced it more too. I really don't know who the better violinist is but JD probably plays it more...
  2. I would be tickled silly if Camera Eye and Between the Wheels came into setlist A.....I would be very very happy......I am still happy with what they have done this time with the setlist. Thank you Rush for thinking of us on your possible last big tour. We also like that we will get some alternating extra different songs rarely played on the next Bluray. This will keep us happy for the rest of our days when Rush has retired.....It's such a happy/sad experience right now for us die hards...
  3. 2112, Anthem, or Finding my way would be great
  4. In no particular order: Anthem Driven A Farewll to Kings Available Light Xanadu Freewill Jacobs Ladder By-tor and the Snowdog Manhattan Project Different Strings Prime Mover Turn the Page Headlong Flight Cygnus X-1 The Trees
  5. I am a hugh fan and it hurts me to say Vapor Trails is one of their worst cd's....Yes, the remaster sounds better but the songs and singing arrangements are terrible. It actually hurts to listen to some of the songs when i really want to like them. Geddy's exra harmonies are not good for rush and should have been kept to do on a solo cd. There are a few songs i like such as olv, ceiling unlimited, vapor trail, earthshine but the rest i can't stand. Of course there are little bits of those songs that i like but way too much that i don't....They got it right with Clockwork Angels though and i'm happy about that....just my opinion....something is really wrong with that cd but that's ok cause there are plenty of other rush cd's which are awsome....
  6. I love Marathon too and have been waiting a long time for them to bring it back.Great song live and great ending. I just pray that that song is not part of a rotation and is permanently in the setlist on this tour! Please...
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