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  1. Always loved that song and also Second Nature
  2. It's easy to self isolate when you have someone else doing all your errands for you. Most non millionaires still have to work, get groceries etc.
  3. Been listening to some older boots. On the Presto and RTB tours, Geddy skips the "each of us" part and goes into DEW. On the T4E echo tour, he started singing the whole thing. Does anyone know why years later he started doing this? It doesn't sound like freewill was downtuned. I guess it could be a question of confidence in his voice that he was lacking a few years earlier. I just find it strange that he wasn't as brave on the earlier tours to fully sing it.
  4. Having a child at 57 years old, there was little chance that he would be around for these events. Neil's parents must be around 90 now, if he lived as long as them he very probably would be around for these events... It's not just about being around, parents also need to have health and energy to spend time with their kids and take care of them until they can be fully independent, without putting a burden on their kids due to their own health issues. Agreed. Not fair for any child to have parents as old as other children's grandparents.
  5. Oh ok sorry. I didn't know they had recent appearances.
  6. Does anyone know why Rush stopped appearing on Rockline? They were one of the most frequented bands on that show and seemed to suddenly stop appearing.
  7. Having a child at 57 years old, there was little chance that he would be around for these events.
  8. I was at that TO show and it was very memorable. Loved the TFE setlist.
  9. There's been nothing reported about his funeral or memorial plans. So it must have been very private. I thought we would at least know if he was buried or cremated. Even the "find a grave" site says burial details unknown.
  10. It sounds like if he would stop yelling the parts it would sound better. It sounds like he's trying to overpower everything with the vocals and trying to sing too high even if the original wasn't recorded like that. Tom Sawyer is a good example. He's yelling "Though his mind is not for rent". Just relax and lower it a bit and it would sound better, IMO.
  11. Tom Sawyer on R40 live, abyssmal.
  12. I"m surprised they still continued on after Time Machine. The vocals were at the point of sad. You'd think someone would've told him, please dont sing anymore.
  13. Do you think it was more or less than $42 million?
  14. Another positive is that Olivia, while being very young, was old enough to have memories of her father for the rest of her life. If this would've happened when she was 2 years old, she would'nt have been old enough to remember him. She'll live the rest of her life hearing about his legacy and who he was. Olivia will be old and gray and people will still be listening to Rush and new people will be discovering their music for the first time.
  15. I saw a news program on this a few years ago and they said dental xrays could be playing a part, as well as phones. They advised people to limit dental xrays to once every 3 years and keep their phones as far away as their body as possible.
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