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    Clockwork Angels - Columbus
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    Analog Kid
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    Standing in the 5th row in front of Geddy in Cleveland. Unbelievable!!!
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  1. For those of you going to the show tonight in Columbus, I have one thing to ask. Please please please periscope!!! When the tour was announced I could not buy tickets due to having class. Well, my professor cancelled class for tonight and I'm broke. No money, no ticket. Could have bought it when it came out, but priorities. I've seen them every time they have come around since 1992. Have a great time tonight everyone and here is hoping for a second leg. Needless to say I'm not a happy camper today :rage: :rage:. and here is to my professor. :moon: :moon:
  2. Thanks for all of the information about periscope!!!!! Hopefully there will be a second leg.... If not, maybe skipping class for Columbus!!! Have a good time tonight at show for all who are going...
  3. It was awesome last night sitting at home waiting to read what song they played!! I do have a couple of questions. One I will not be able to go to the any shows this time around due to going to school. I did things backwards and am back in school after being away 20 years And seeing how this might be the last major tour, do you think ther will ba second leg? Second qestion, and forgive me for sounding stupid. I read that someone was streaming the concert last night and I remember seeing the word periscope. How would I be able to get ths? Thanks everone!!!!
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